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OLG Looks Forward to Meeting Ontario’s Next Lottery Multimillionaires

Lottery games are among the most popular gaming opportunities that could be easily purchased via one of the myriad of retail locations overseen by provincial lottery corporations.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is always on the hunt for players eligible for big jackpots that hesitate to bag them for some reason. Lotto 6/49 could soon make someone in the Windsor-Essex area a millionaire if they contact the corporation.

Every lottery draw comes with the promises of copious amounts of cash, multimillion Main Prizes, and many additional smaller ones. Nevertheless, all players that have purchased a lottery ticket for that draw have equal chances of winning big and having their life changed forever.

Once the numbers printed on the lottery tickets succeed in matching those drawn, the lucky player has 52 weeks to figure things out and claim their prize before it expires.

Lottery Winners Take Longer to Bag Cash

The fortunate Lotto 6/49 ticket that was sold in the Windsor-Essex area, according to the information available in the lottery corporation’s database. For the time being, details are kept as vague as possible, keeping the specific city or town where the purchase was made secret. At a later point, if the winner has not come forward to bag their prize this information would become public.

Every Lotto 6/49 draw comes with the Guaranteed CA$1-million prize that involves a special number printed on the tickets. The drawn combination of this particular draw managed to match the ones currently on the lucky ticket, making it a rather special one. However, there are many reasons why a player might hesitate to bag their windfall. One of the most matter-of-fact ones could be a simple misplacement of the ticket.

People forget about their lottery tickets or might have lost them somewhere in their home. It could be recalled that the month of April saw a Quebec couple discover a CA$1-million lottery ticket placed in a book about Japan. What made the discovery even more riveting, is that its expiry date was looming over. Nicole Pedneault and Roger Larocque bagged their prize just in time.

Jackpots Galore Await Winners

Whoever is in possession of this ticket has less than 52 weeks to reach Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and claim their jackpot before it reaches its expiry date and is gone for good. The past few weeks have been more than generous for players across Canada, including the most recent Lotto 6/49 jackpot that could soon be bagged by an Ottawa player.

July 3 saw the special draw coming with a windfall of CA$15.7 million and a ticket sold in Ottawa became instantly eligible for the small fortune. For the time being, no individual has contacted the lottery corporation in order to claim their prize. It could also be recalled, that June 15 saw another Lotto 6/49 jackpot reaching CA$29,801,647.

That jackpot had to be split between two tickets, one of which sold in Sundre, Alberta, whereas the second one was sold in Edmonton. Both halves of the windfall have already been bagged and their winners are making plans for the future.