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Manitoban Player Claims Hefty CA$9.5M Share of CA$19M Lotto MAX Jackpot

Lottery games around Canada are some of the most exciting pieces of paper to be purchased on a regular basis. Grand jackpots offered by Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are able to change people’s lives, such as the Winnipeg player, who recently bagged his half of the June 14 CA$19-million jackpot.

The Manitoban player could not believe his eyes when he found out he is a multi-millionaire now and he took his time to bag the cash prize. There are many lottery jackpot stories that start with “I could not believe what I saw”.

Even though all players want to bag a hefty cheque at the end of a given lottery draw, very few of them are actually mentally prepared for the scenario in which they are actually eligible for such a prize and are on the verge of a major change in their life. Such a milestone moment could not be compared to anything and this is something Don Humniski can wholeheartedly confirm now.

Lotto MAX Offers CA$70M Cap

The lottery enthusiast from Winnipeg is one of the two individuals eligible for the Lotto MAX jackpot of June 14. That draw came with a hefty prize of CA$19 million, ready to change someone’s life. The entire week was more than fortunate for lottery players, as the previous Lotto MAX jackpot brought a family of eight a windfall reaching CA$65 million.

This following draw featured yet another hefty jackpot that was once again claimed by two tickets in a winning streak. Each of the tickets became instantly eligible for a CA$9.5-million slice of the overall prize. The information issued by lottery corporations indicated that the winning pieces of paper were purchased on the Prairies, as well as in Ontario.

All players were encouraged to look for miscellaneous tickets that could have slipped out of sight. Mr. Humniski was also among the people carefully looking for misplaced tickets and he found his fortune. The numbers printed on it matched perfectly those drawn on June 14.

CA$9.5M Slice Awaits Its Winner

Those numbers were 4, 11, 20, 22, 37, 44, and 49. Upon realizing the match, he could not believe and “nearly fell backward into the ditch”. He revealed that the lucky ticket was purchased at Ford’s Grocery in Winnipeg Beach, while he was on his way to the family’s cottage. A traditional question every lottery winner is asked upon bagging their prize relates to the planned purchases and activities.

Mr. Humniski stated that his immediate plans include retirement and spending more quality time with his loved ones. The same thing is going to happen with his wife, who also plans to retire. Taking his time to take in the lottery winning, he realized that such a fortune could easily see them into retirement and they would not need to worry about the financial side of things.

Now it is time for the second winning ticket purchases to come forward. The Ontario player has less than 52 weeks remaining to get in touch with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and claim their slice of the overall jackpot.