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Gaming Industry Revenue Surpasses Traditional Entertainment Offerings in Canada

The gaming field of Canada strives to constantly improve itself and bring more to the host communities and the local economy. The Canadian Gaming Association recently announced its National Economic Benefits of the Canadian Gaming Industry study, which had the main point of summarizing the positive impact of gaming on a national level.

It revealed that in the year 2017 the local gaming field managed to generate some CA$17.1 billion in gaming revenue generated by both family-friendly offerings available at casino complexes and their gambling floors. In this sense, the family-friendly portion of this overall amount reached CA$1 billion, equating to a rather smaller percentage of it.

Individuals frequent the casino locations predominantly for gambling but diverse offerings such as premium dining and live entertainment are also appreciated on the regular. A worldwide trend in the past year aims to improve family-friendly offerings alongside gaming ones and this is especially visible in Macao, the world’s most vibrant gambling hub

Casino Revenue Supports Local Communities

Paul Burns, President and CEO, Canadian Gaming Association, made the best the 23rd Annual Canadian Gaming Summit that took place at the Edmonton Convention Centre this week. He spoke about the report and the overall impact of gaming on Canada.

The report aims to shed more light onto Canada’s gaming field and it successfully provides a snapshot of the positive impact of the casino industry across provinces.

Some 182,500 individuals rely on their income guaranteed by casino venues and gambling halls across Canada. This includes casino floor staff, security, accommodation staff, and more. According to the information listed in the study, the average wage an individual in the gaming industry bags on an annual basis reaches CA$65,000, ranking it well on a national level.

Taking in the bigger picture, this equates to some CA$11.9 billion in labor income for all individuals employed at both brick-and-mortar casino venues and the online opportunities offered by lottery corporations such as Loto-Quebec and British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The overall Gross Domestic Product contribution of the gambling field amounts to an overall CA$18.9 billion.

Some 1,500 Charitable Organizations Benefit

It should also be taken into account that gaming appears to bring more to the table when it comes to leaving its imprint on the economy compared to more social experiences such as going to the movies, purchasing books, or attending live sports shows. This is evident by revenue comparison over the same period. Local casino operators are among the main engines driving the industry forward.

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment is among the leading ones, as it manages 27 gaming properties in three provinces and more than 8,000 employees. Regular gaming revenue allocations are a common practice aligning with Canadian regulations. Supporting the host communities and local charitable organizations is a must, as confirmed by Tony Santo, CEO, Gateway Casinos.

He pointed out that more than CA$1 million has been allocated to around 1,500 organizations benefitting from casino support. This comes to show that gambling operation could improve the communities it directly affects and problem gambling should not be a concern. All provincial lottery corporations offer problem gaming programs offering support to individuals struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with gambling.