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CA$10 Scratch Ticket Makes Canadians Millionaires in a Matter of Seconds

The vast world of lottery gaming offers something for everyone, as the lottery corporations are willing to go above and beyond to meet players’ expectations and guarantee them the best cash prizes. The Big Spin game is among the relatively new offerings offered by the lottery corporations, but its cash prizes are in the millions.

Its latest generous prize was bagged by a Parry Sound player, as it reached CA$650,000. When it comes to lottery games, players should be drawn to the given game, in order to purchase it.

Being engaged in the exciting offering it has up for grabs is a main selling point for many lottery games, something the lottery corporations are aware of and utilize on a daily basis. The more colorful and original a ticket looks like at the point of sale, the bigger the chances of purchasing it and subsequently bagging a substantial cash prize. Such is the case with The Big Spin lottery game.

The Big Spin Offers Thousands of Dollars in Cash

Aaron Deschenes from Parry Sound is the fortunate player who had Lady Fortuna on his side and bagged a substantial cash pile with a single spin of the wheel. He made it all the way to the most advanced offering of The Big Spin game the wheel that features prizes up to CA$1,000,000.

His luck brought him to the cash prize of CA$650,000, a special moment for Mr. Deschenes. He pointed out that lottery gaming has a personal value for him, as he has been enthusiastically participating in various traditional and scratch lottery games ever since he had the legal right to do so.

More than 20 years later, the opportunity for something more arose and the Parry Sound resident made a move in the right direction. Now it is time for some long-anticipated changes to his life. Mr. Deschenes has a wife and two children and upon winning the big prize, he said that the first purchase would be a new, more spacious house for the family. The pile of cash is also going to fuel some bills that need to be cleared, as well as boost the savings guaranteeing bright future for the two kids.

The Bigger Spin Elevates the Experience

Every ticket costs only CA$10 and offers players the chance to win an instant cash prize then and there. This prize could reach from CA$10 or a free ticket for those wanting more to CA$150,000. This first phase might be where the gaming potential of this ticket comes to an end, but it also might elevate the experience on a whole new level with The Bigger Spin offering.

Upon scratching the ticket, a percentage of the players could find the word SPIN printed on their CA$10 ticket, an opportunity that would elevate the experience and make it an even more exciting one. Prizes featured on the spinning wheel range from CA$500,000 to up to CA$1,000,000, having the potential to make one Canada’s newest millionaire in a matter of seconds. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation allows viewers to enjoy the thrill of the spinning wheel via a livestream.

This week Tuesday brought the livestream at 11:30 a.m. for everyone excited to find out the ultimate prize for the player. It could be recalled that Mid-May a truck driver hailing from Milton had the unique chance to spin the wheel and bag some CA$650,000. Upon scratching the ticket, he could not believe his eyes, but soon after the wheel spinning, he was ready with a plan for action, that would see the purchase of a new truck, as well as a vacation for the whole family.