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Ontario Place Has No Desire to Welcome Casino Venue Operation

Ontario Place is going to be redeveloped in the foreseeable future and transformed into an even more appealing open-air location for everyone in Toronto. Now the government officially confirmed that the area is going to remain family-friendly and there would not be a casino venue launching operation.

It could be recalled that Premier Doug Ford has been supporting the idea, which is now scrapped for good. The controversial situation was able to stir the pot across Toronto with thousands of individuals opposing it.

A casino venue was projected to attract additional cash to the city coffers and ensure that more tourists would make it to the waterfront area of the city not only for the excellent views and the clean air but also for the opportunity of winning big in a matter of minutes. Casino opposition claimed that the area must remain a family-friendly one.

Ontario Place Wants No Casino

According to a previously issued opinion on the subject, locals consider a gaming hall inappropriate for such a crowded location as it could result in a surge in the problem gambling rates in Toronto. Easy access to any casino venue normalizes the activity and lowers the alertness of its risks.

There have been concerns that Premier Doug Ford would push the proposed casino venue. Within the months since the end of 2018, it became clear that a new casino venue located in Ontario Place would mean that a casino operator has to claim a brand new license for operation in the region.

This, in turn, could lead to the cannibalization of the local gambling field. In this sense, the process became a hassle-free one with the decision to scrap all casino venue plans whatsoever. Some 56 percent of the individuals that participated in a Forum Research survey, made it clear that they are opposing the construction of a gaming venue within the Ontario Place area. As many as 1,427 locals participated in the poll and expressed their opinion regarding the project.

More Details Issued this Tuesday

Some 65 percent of the individuals that expressed their position pointed out that even if there is a casino venue built on site, they are not going to make their way there and play, essentially boycotting its operation before it even started. Gaming revenue projections for the casino hall were low, as a result of this position.

The casino project that was supposed to boost the revival process of Ontario Place included a spacious casino venue overseen by a casino operator willing to explore the opportunity. It was going to include an adjacent hotel tower ready to welcome Toronto guests. Issued plans for actions also included a waterpark for increased entertainment potential on site of the venue. Now all these plans are scrapped for good, focusing on more family-friendly ones.

May 14 saw the official adding of Ontario Place to the Toronto’s Heritage Register which makes it even more important for the revival project to maintain its good image. Tuesday is about to bring more conversation on the subject on site of Ontario Place and Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport Michael Tibollo is going to speak on the subject and the latest decisions.