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Former Ontario Place Renovation Project Stirs the Pot with Potential Gaming Venue

Ontario Place’s area has been a subject of wide discussion throughout the gaming field of Canada as it has the potential to become an entertainment hotspot in the foreseeable future. In a recent interview on CBC Radio, Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli stated that the government will work on its renovation with the potential introduction of a gambling facility among other various entertainment offerings.

Asking the right questions is the way to go when probing a given topic of a heated discussion. Minister Fedeli was recently the special guest of Metro Morning hosted by Matt Galloway who aimed to provide all listeners of CBC Radio with the latest information on the picked up project in Toronto. The conversation turned out fruitful as it provided some insights into the project’s general direction.

Casino Venue Could Have a Negative Impact on Community

It has been confirmed that at the moment the government is looking into ways in which the land lot could be utilized to the fullest. Updating and upgrading its performance are among the main objectives of this project as it should be able to live up to its former popularity levels. Amid the conversation, it became clear that a potential gambling venue construction is not excluded at this stage of the conversation.

Minister Fedeli stated that for the time being talks have not brought up a casino venue, but the construction of such could come up in future discussions. He stated that thorough evaluation will aim to weight the pros and cons of such facility construction both for the business and for the community. It could be recalled that the year 2013 saw Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation propose a casino development in the area, hitting a wall of discontent similar to the current situation.

Shortly after the interview aired Joe Cressy and Mike Layton, both Downtown Toronto City Councilors provided their point of view on the subject, stating that any potential moves in this direction should include public input. Former Ontario Place has been known for its family-friendly reputation and as a result of this, any changes to the public lands should be discussed.

Ontario Place Subjected to a Wide Discussion

The community has the right to have the last say when it comes to a gambling operation in the vicinity which is going to have a direct impact on the well-being of many individuals. They should be provided with the chance to cast their opinion on the subject. Problem gambling is a major issue which is battled across the globe.

What is even more concerning in this particular situation is that the site would provide members of the community with easy access to entertainment sites along with a potential gambling venue. This could increase gambling addiction levels in the region. In the meantime, last week also saw the Progressive Conservatives’ discussion of Bill 57, aiming to provide the Crown with administrative rights over Ontario Place’s assets.

The entertainment park which launched operation in 1971 was able to attract large crowds of all age groups traveling from near and far in order to enjoy its wide array of offerings. Now lawmakers are willing to work towards its renovation and make it a hotspot providing local art and culture with the opportunity to proliferate. Upcoming weeks will see more development on the subject.