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Keeping Up with the Times: Online Gambling Expansion in Ontario

Online gambling is among the preferred ways of gaming nowadays, as it is a convenient way for players to try their luck and potentially win big cash prizes. Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government showcased the blueprint of its 2019 budget that includes the introduction of new brands to the existing online gaming field of the province.

This is a step in the right direction for many gaming enthusiasts. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is the sole entity in the provincial online gaming field with its online offering.

PlayOLG allows players the chance to gamble on online slot machines, lottery games, video poker, as well as traditional casino games wherever they are. All they have to do is download the PlayOLG application or visit the desktop version and they are ready to immerse in the diverse offerings up for grabs.

Online Gambling Expansion in Ontario

Along with these games, players also have the chance to purchase lottery tickets online for more cash prizes. When it comes to the financial benefits of PlayOLG, Ontario sees some CA$2.36 billion in net profit. However, players appear to need more and seek more diverse online gaming offerings via offshore online platforms.

About CA$110 million is spent on online gaming via offshore platforms that give people the freedom to participate in more diverse gaming tournaments on a regular basis. This means that said cash is not invested in the community via OLG’s annual allocations and financial support.

In an attempt to keep money within the borders of Ontario, the government wants to ensure that foreign companies have a green light for operation in the province. If the new budget is approved, the existing online gambling field would put an end to the monopoly and welcome new players for a fair competition. At the moment, players gaming online are not protected by Canadian law which is a problematic topic if they seek protection of their rights.

New Players Would Eliminate Monopoly

In case there is unfair treatment, they could not seek support and fair odds for gaming. With appropriate regulation on a local level, they could feel more secure and have their players’ rights protected. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has always been a supporter of online gaming expansion that would keep money in Canada and potentially fill in the gaping hole in the provincial budget.

The competitive online gambling market in the largest province could spell success and substantial cash allocations for various projects. For the Tory government, this is the first budget and many individuals refer to it as the party budget since it features proposed free alcohol in casino venues, as well as push for single-event sports wagering regulation. Ontario is projected to become a more competitive online gaming area, able to rival the US online gaming market and online platforms overseas.

Quebec is another province eyeing this move, but it could be recalled that a year ago the possibility was first mentioned without much work put into it as of now. As for the single-event sports betting possibility in Ontario, it could be recalled that 2016 saw a hard hit on previous plans as the House of Commons voted on C-221, the private members’ bill introduced in February 2016 by New Democratic Party MP Brian Masse, eventually voting it down.