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Casino Rama Remains Uncertain about Ontario 2019 Budget’s Actual Impact

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government would seek to introduce free alcohol consumption in casino venues with the help of the recently issued budget for the following year. This is projected to make the locations even more attractive to current and future casino patrons.

It remains uncertain which casino facilities are going to implement the measure in the upcoming months, Casino Rama being among the undecided ones. Free alcohol for every casino patron is a possibility that excites millions of Ontarian casino patrons, as it would mean that their time spent gambling is going to be enriched with the scent of beer.

Drinks on tap are a feature of the newly issued provincial budget bringing many new offerings and active push to previous ideas that could also reshape the gaming field. For the time being, however, there are casino venues that have not made their mind up on introducing this measure to their facility.

Casino Rama Undecided on Free Alcohol

Casino Rama Resort is considered the largest First Nation gaming and hospitality complex located on the reserve land of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation. The location is widely popular among casino enthusiasts, tourists, but also individuals excited to visit some of the many live shows and performances taking place there on a regular basis.

Rob Mitchell is the Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, and he pointed out that for the time being the gaming location management remains uncertain whether or not to bring free alcohol to the facility.

This is a position that applies to many of the casino locations overseen by the leading casino operator with influence in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. He made it clear that it is still too soon for action, as the proposed budget would have to be subjected to a detailed review by a committee, which would eventually introduce changes to its structure and details. This is going to eventually result in the official version of the budget and a subsequent plan for action from all casino venues across Ontario.

Budget Still Needs Final Approval

If the budget receives green light without considerable amendments and free alcohol remains on the table, the casino venue in Orillia would have to come up with a way it could introduce the new offering to its existing policy for operation. Many field experts claim that booze and gambling go hand in hand and refer to this budget as the party budget.

Even though it is still in its blueprint state, this nearly 300-page document has already stirred the pot and caused polarized opinion across the province. Even though it is mentioned briefly and in only a couple of sentences, free alcohol should not be overlooked. Promotion of complimentary alcohol to a regular gaming session at the casino venue would change the way Ontario’s gambling sector works.

It is also going to make the field competitive and an equal rival to gaming locations in the United States. For example, Las Vegas is known for its free alcohol policy which increases the time players spend gaming on site of the venue, but also makes them braver when taking risks and potentially losing more cash. Problem gambling research would have to evaluate the risk of bringing free booze to Ontario’s casino venues.