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Ontarian Bags CA$5M Lotto 6/49 Jackpot while Lotto MAX Reaches CA$50M

Lottery jackpots are among the most appreciated gambling perks bringing together players from near and far willing to bag big winnings. Lotto 6/49 recently saw a grand windfall, but the minimal jackpot of CA$5 million was also bagged during the March 23 draw. In the meantime, Lotto MAX continues swelling and could reach CA$50 million by March 29.

Only players that have won a lottery jackpot know the thrill of seeing your numbers matching those on the screen and finding out that you have become an overnight millionaire. Someone in Ontario has recently experienced this sensation or is about to because the winner has yet to contact the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and claim their prize. The Saturday draw was a fortunate one for the province, as the guaranteed CA$1 million prize was also claimed by a ticket sold there.

Lotto 6/49 Braces for the Next Draw

The lucky numbers drawn this Saturday were 03 06 20 22 23 24 plus the bonus one 19. Even though the digits might appear hard to choose especially when a player purchases the ticket, the draw highlighted them. There is a player in Ontario that had chosen this exact string of numbers and will be praised for that.

Their jackpot is exactly CA$5 million and whoever is in possession of the single winning ticket would be eligible for the prize in its entirety. They have exactly 52 weeks to claim their prize. The progressive jackpot that could be bagged on March 27 will once again reach CA$5 million with projections that even more people will make their Lotto 6/49 ticket purchase.

In addition to the grand jackpot, another Ontario resident is eligible for the guaranteed prize of CA$1 million. The matching ticket has 41198269-02 printed on it and whoever is in possession of it is now a millionaire. All players are encouraged to check their tickets and make sure that they have not lost the priceless piece of paper.

Lotto MAX is About to Reach New Heights

In the meantime, the most recent Lotto MAX draw once again saw no winner of the grand jackpot. All eyes were set on the March 22 draw when the jackpot managed to reach CA$35,784,176.60. The winning numbers drawn were 01-03-20-21-27-28-44 plus the bonus one 43. Even though the grand jackpot remained untouched, two tickets are going to share the second-best prize and bag CA$175,465.60 each.

The pace at which the Lotto MAX jackpot grows is quite impressive, showcasing the levels of interest Canadians express towards the game. Players are holding their breath for the next winner, since the last time this happened was on February 27 when a player from Winnipeg became a multimillionaire. The well-rounded jackpot back then reached CA$13,345,152.30.

Ever since then more and more players have made their potentially fortunate purchase in the hopes of it changing their lives. This Friday could make this possible, but even if the grand windfall survives, there are still guaranteed millions of Canadian dollars that could transform people’s existence.