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Two Players Split CA$22M Lotto 6/49 Jackpot, Lotto MAX Reaches CA$36M this Friday

Lottery enthusiasts across the country should have a better look at their Lotto 6/49 tickets, as they might be the next Canadian millionaire. The impressive jackpot that was awaiting its winner would have to be split by the two winning tickets that have been sold in Barrie and Sudbury. Encore will also grant two ticket owners some CA$100,000 each, transforming the latest draw into a well-rounded generous one.

Players have been frantically purchasing lottery tickets over the past month, while the progressive jackpot was slowly but surely swelling with every draw. There has not been a single ticket matching the digits drawn up until this week when the miracle happened. Wednesday, March 20 saw the lucky numbers 02-08-17-21-22-26 plus the Bonus one 05 were drawn, potentially altering the lives of two individuals.

Players from Barrie and Sudbury Split Jackpot

Six of the numbers were more than enough for the grand jackpot to be taken down. The two tickets were sold in different areas, meaning that the two players would have to split the grand jackpot and bag only CA$11 million each. For the time being no additional information regarding the particular city or retail location has been issued. The draw was especially generous for 13 more individuals that managed to match five of the numbers and the bonus one.

Each of those tickets is now eligible for a payout of CA$20,196 and players have exactly a year to claim their cash prize. Lotto 6/49 is such a popular game because it offers more than one opportunity of winning big. The Encore draw was also significantly lucky this week, as two of the tickets sold were an almost exact match. They bear the 257147 imprint, automatically making them eligible for a cash prize of CA$100,000.

The two tickets were sold in Hamilton and Kitchener, so all players currently residing in the area are encouraged to check their lottery tickets. The big prize in this Encore draw reaches CA$1,000,000. Even though it remained untouched, there is a new millionaire thanks to the Guaranteed Prize Draw. The winning ticket matched the 74604614-01 drawn and instantly became golden.

Lotto MAX Friday Draw Promises More

March 16 saw the last unsuccessful draw that saw no winners and back then, the jackpot managed to reach CA$20 million. Over the span of four days, players put their efforts in increasing it to more than CA$22 million, which would not be halved by the two winning tickets. The last time the jackpot was won by a single ticket was on February 27 when a ticket sold in Winnipeg won CA$13,345,152.30.

March 23 is going to see the next Lotto 6/49 draw coming with a jackpot estimating to about CA$5 million. Meanwhile, Lotto MAX enters this Friday’s draw with CA$36,000,000 jackpot that could be bagged sooner than expected. It is obvious that the interest in this lottery game is spectacular, as the last draw that took place a week ago featured a $25,841,633.70 jackpot. It is only a matter of time before a player fortunate enough bags this fortune.