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Future Cascades Casino Delta a Step Closer to Ditching Banknotes, Research Continues

Casino expansion in Delta would take longer than previously expected, as money-laundering concerns have prompted the conversation of protection measures that could be implemented. Delta officials made it clear they want to see a cashless casino operation in the area by greenlighting a couple of staff recommendations seeking a more progressive approach towards future casino venue operation.

At a recent meeting that took place in neighboring Ladner, Delta politicians took the time to discuss thoroughly the prospect of a casino venue that would not rely on cash money for its operation, but instead implement a cashless operation method. Projections show that elimination of cash money in a future casino facility licensed by British Columbia Lottery Corporation and overseen by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment could be a winning move.

Casino Operation Could Be Cashless

Mayor George Harvie who wants to ensure that dirty cash has no way of entering the Delta region envisioned the possibility of a cashless gambling venue. Prompted by his idea, City of Delta came up with a couple of recommendations that aim to propel ahead the process. With their approval, local officials would now have the opportunity to research thoroughly cashless operation and how it could be easily introduced to Delta.

Various gaming platforms enabling cashless operation would be taken into consideration, as to guarantee that the most appropriate one is chosen. This is going to be facilitated by the recent request for review that would engage the federal and provincial governments in research. They will have the opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of every system and decide whether or not they would be suitable for Delta.

Regulations existing in the area would be considered, as going cashless is a serious move. Officials want to pave the way for a modernized industry that could keep up with the times and prevent criminal activities from taking place in British Columbia. The results of the joint review would be issued in the foreseeable future. The Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities would also have to work on money-laundering prevention.

Money-Laundering Concerns Arise

The conversation on the subject of protecting the field of criminal activities and dirty cash, as well as the implementation of such would have to happen in collaboration with the UBCM and FCM. Delta officials are preparing extensively with the help of reports that would shed more light on the local scene and the ways in which it could be impacted by the future casino operation.

Delta police Chief Neil Dubord had the task to provide information about the crime rates in Delta so that the local officials have a better idea of it. Money laundering details would have to be added to that report. In the past few weeks public inquiry support has become louder, but for the time being Delta stays away from the clamor even though it researches the potential threat and works on ways it could prevent it.

The conversation about a cashless casino emerged mid-February, as Mayor Harvie was preparing for a special delegation to Ottawa at the end of the month. Officials aimed to clarify their concerns and to hear the position of the federal government. On that trip, Delta politicians had the impression that senior officials had never entertained the idea of a cashless gambling facility. The entire fruitful conversation would be condensed in a report.