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Gateway Casinos Confirms South Huron Casino Construction Interest

A casino venue could soon make its way to South Huron, as the conversation has been ongoing and seemingly productive. In a recent statement, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment confirmed that the casino operator has discussed the subject with South Huron officials and the next few months could see Gateway Casinos representatives pay a special visit to the proposed construction area near Grand Bend.

A gambling venue project that started as a simple idea could very soon make a move in the right direction and receive a green light. South Huron is one of the particularly attractive locations in general and thousands of people from near and far prefer it for their vacations around the year. The area could soon feature a brand new casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos, as local officials have introduced their idea for development.

Casino Conversation Gives Positive Results

South Huron Mayor George Finch stated that family-friendly entertainment opportunities abound in South Huron and the only factor missing at the moment is a successful gaming facility built in collaboration with a premium operator. Ever since the beginning of this year, the conversation has been in progress and the Mayor have managed to convince the casino operator that it is a viable move.

Among the winning arguments in support of a casino venue in South Huron was the projection that this could improve the financial state of the city coffers and attract further investment to the area. Lambton Shores, one of the neighboring communities is also expected to benefit from the increased interest in the region, as well as from a possible revenue-sharing agreement that could be arranged.

Following the conversation, the casino operator has confirmed it is going to make its way to South Huron and learn more about the area and the opportunities for development in it. Gateway Casinos Spokesperson Rob Mitchell stated that the idea appears to be tempting, as well as a potential development that would need more time to be extensively reviewed. However, there are more factors involved in this decision-making process.

Neighboring Communities Want to Have a Say

Cannibalization of the field is not something Gateway Casinos or any casino developer is fond of, and preventing it from happening is of utmost importance. The casino operator has a slots location in Clinton. Gateway Casinos Clinton is located some 36 kilometers away from South Huron and this could lead to a gaming revenue drop down the road.

The Clinton location offers various slot machines to its players and Mr. Mitchell stated that its operation will remain a priority for the casino operator. Last month saw officials pinpoint a location that could transform the community with its casino offerings. The area around Huron County Playhouse and Dark Horse Estate Winery could provide the needed conditions for successful gaming operation away from the downtown area of South Huron.

Problem gambling rates increase is a possibility that should be minimized both by choosing the most appropriate location and by introducing the needed player protection. Meanwhile, Bill Weber, Mayor of Lambton Shores and Warden of Lambton County, stated that neighboring communities should have a say in this development, as it will affect them too.