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South Huron Council Strives to Draw Casino Operators to Picturesque Grand Bend Area

Casino expansion has been an ongoing quest throughout Canadian provinces and it is always interesting to see the way a given community considers a proposal for gambling operation or the possibility of such. Grand Bend is one of the towns which could welcome a new casino venue if the desire for development expressed recently turns out being mutual and shared with a casino operator.

South Huron council recently made it clear it is interested in attracting casino venue operation in the foreseeable future, as this could result in beneficial allocations for city coffers on an annual basis. It is no secret that gambling is often introduced to a certain region when there is a need of economy boost and a new casino venue could appear attractive to thousands of individuals. Regular allocations generated by the gambling revenue could also be utilized for various projects across the community and its overall improvement.

Potential Casino Operation Would Benefit Coffers

South Huron Mayor George Finch announced that the area of Grand Bend has the potential to attract quite the crowd which is why actions have been taken in this direction. The first step of this process is probing the field and researching the general attitude towards development in the region. South Huron Council commenced the conversation and is currently talking with gambling officials that might be interested in building a casino venue in the area.

Some of the larger casino developers and operators could express interest in building a casino venue because of the environmental potential the area has. Lake Huron is one of the hottest spots in the area and thousands of individuals make their way there because of its beauty. In addition to that, there are also many premium beaches that are heated in the summertime, as well as activities for the people interested in extreme sports to the likes of parasailing, skydiving, and paddleboarding.

At the moment there are three gambling venues in the region that enjoy steady customers flow. OLG Slots at Clinton Raceway is some 30 miles from Grand Bend, which means that cannibalization of the local field is unlikely according to the initial estimations. Gateway Casinos London is also located in the vicinity, 45 miles southeast of Grand Bend. In addition to that, there are also Jackpot City bingo hall in Sarnia and the premium Gateway Casino Point Edward attracting players from both Ontario and Michigan.

Grand Bend Might Become Gambling Hotspot

The local government is also part of the conversation around a potential casino venue and this is mandatory, as operation would need a gaming license. The casino venue might be built near the town, in order to be distant enough from residential neighborhoods. Problem gambling concerns might arise in the future and council members want to prepare ahead of those conversations.

Players safety is a priority and the appropriate programs preventing and treating compulsive gaming tendencies would improve the entire experience. It should be taken into account that the casino venue operation near Grand Bend would also mean that neighboring communities would benefit as well. With the help of a revenue-sharing agreement, communities to the likes of Lambton Shores and Saint Joseph could benefit from annual allocations as well.

The new entertainment complex could feature a casino venue with various offering to the likes of slot devices and table games, in addition to more family-friendly offerings such as a hotel tower providing accommodation. Dining offerings are also expected to be introduced along the lines of the new project. Upcoming months will see more discussions on the subject and potential gambling activity.