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Generous Weekend Sprinkles CA$59.9 Million in Lottery Jackpots across Quebec and Ontario

This weekend was among the most generous ones in a long time as it granted two ticketholders with millions of Canadian dollars in a matter of minutes. Lotto MAX highly preferred by millions of players granted one winning ticket sold in Quebec the grand jackpot of CA$26.6 million. Just several hours later Lotto 6/49, the other attractive lottery offering saw one ticket sold in Owen Sound become instantly eligible for CA$33.3 million.

It is safe to say that the past few days have been generous when it comes to lottery jackpots and two players were fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Players eagerly anticipating the next lottery draw received the chance to win two breathtaking progressive jackpots that increase every couple of days. Lotto MAX remained quiet for the past several weeks only to erupt recently with jackpot reaching CA$26,600,135.80. Sole ticket managed to match all seven of the winning numbers and become the golden ticket to fortune.

Lottery Jackpots Land in Quebec and Ontario

Friday’s draw saw the winning numbers 2-6-13-19-21-32-40 being drawn and one player became instantly eligible for the jackpot. The bonus number in this draw was 12, but matching it is not mandatory in order to reach the grand jackpot. For the time being, the exact location of ticket purchase has not been publicly issued, as Loto-Quebec anticipates someone to contact the gaming corporation and claim their prize in the foreseeable future. Once this is done, more information will be announced.

Another player from Quebec managed to match six of the winning numbers plus the bonus one and this made their ticket worth CA$324,371.80. All players have exactly a year to claim their major prizes or they will go back to the unclaimed cash prizes and boost the local revenue or be distributed via bonus draws. Now that the major jackpot is off the table, February 8 will give players the chance to win big once again. However, this time the maximum jackpot which could be won would reach nearly CA$10 million.

The last time Lotto MAX was this generous was around the holiday season, also known as the season of giving. December 21 was the special day for Guelph, as nine co-workers at the Linamar Corporation learned that their joint ticket is eligible for a CA$60-million jackpot. The piece of paper has the numbers 07-21-23-25-31-34-45 printed on it, in addition to the Bonus number 37. All of them filed their resignations soon after they learned the good news.

Players Have 12 Months to Claim Cash Prizes

Saturday was also a special day, as another lottery ticket became priceless second after the winning numbers were drawn. This time it was a Lotto 6/49 one and the fortunate numbers were 14-16-25-29-30-48 plus a bonus number 12. A player from Owen Sound was fortunate enough to match all six numbers mandatory for the large jackpot which could soon make them CA$33,396,099 richer.

Ontario Lottery and Gambling Corporation advises all players to check their tickets and make sure they have not lost them, as the winning one is somewhere out there. They could do this via the special OLG app that lets them scan their ticket and instantly find out whether they win or not. The winning numbers are also published online at the official webpage of OLG.

A ticket sold in Calgary claimed the most recent grand Lotto 6/49 jackpot at the beginning of January. The single winning ticket was eligible for CA$16.319.280 and its owner has 12 months to bag the cash prize coming with it.