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Calgary Player Rings 2019 in With a Generous CA$16,319,280 Lotto 6/49 Jackpot

When it comes to lottery prizes and the wide variety of lottery games available, Canadians are excited to try their luck on a regular basis. Often times the stars align and players get the chance to get a glimpse of the premium cash prizes, such as the most recent windfall which is about to make its way to Alberta. A single winning ticket matches the numbers drawn this Wednesday in the latest Lotto 6/49.

What a better way to ring the New Year in than coming into possession of a generous cash payout in a matter of minutes. This is how fast lottery winnings could make their way to a lucky lottery player if only their ticket has the correct digits printed on it. One player supposedly a resident of Calgary could confirm that this is a completely possible scenario. The jackpot generated up until January 2 reached CA$16,319,280 and this is what they are eligible for.

CA$16-Million Jackpot Awaits Someone

The winning numbers in this draw were 13-18-19-36-37-43. Many would say that this is a rather odd combination of number since it features several consecutive digits in itself, but this is not the first time this has happened. Players are encouraged to play with different numbers every draw, as sticking to one specific set of numbers does not increase their chances of winning.

The fortunate player had purchased the ticket in Calgary and speculations are that he or she is a resident of the largest city in the area. Now that the draw is finished, the ticket has an expiration date January 2, 2020. If the winner does not claim their prize by that date, they will no longer have the right to do so and the amount will be considered revenue of the lottery, later utilized for local projects.

This year was a lucky one for Alberta players, as October 26 saw the Lotto MAX CA$60-million jackpot being hit by a fortunate local. The winning ticket was purchased in Edmonton. For the time being no player has come forward with the intention to bag the windfall that belongs to them.

Checking Your Ticket is Easier

Once every single lottery draw is finished, thousands of people frantically hurry to check their own lottery tickets or make sure they have not lost them somewhere. As it is a mere piece of paper this is not a hard task, which is why players should be careful with their lottery tickets. One of the easiest ways in which players could check whether their ticket is a winning one is online at the official webpage of their local lottery provider.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation makes the entire process even easier thanks to the mobile app it features. What is special about it is that it allows players to simply scan their lottery tickets and find out if they are going to be millionaires anytime soon. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation oversees lottery offerings in the region where the CA$16-million jackpot was hit this week.

It also provides its players with several ways in which they could check their tickets, one of the most convenient ones among them being the Lottery Manager mobile app. Another convenient checking option is the online one, as all numbers of the most recent draw, as well as previous ones, are available on the official website.