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There is Someone in Alberta Sitting on an Unclaimed Lotto MAX Ticket Gold Mine of CA$60 Million

Canadians are especially fond of their lottery offerings which always aim to bring more and this has been proven on a daily basis with its generous cash prizes. There is one winning Lotto MAX ticket worth CA$60 million which has yet to turn its purchaser into a multimillionaire. Last months was especially lucky for one player who had purchased the lucky ticket in Edmonton, Alberta.

A major windfall is never an expected occurrence despite the fact that every player dreams of winning big when purchasing a ticket. This fact is proven time and time again when big lottery jackpots remain unclaimed for many weeks after the lucky draw. Such has been the case with a recent Lotto MAX jackpot which reaches the record amount of CA$60 million. Whoever the lucky player might be, they have not yet made up their mind.

October Was Lucky for One Player

October 26 was the day which saw the lucky draw for one player who is going to be richer if only they showed up to claim their prize. The winning numbers which guarantee this fortune are 2-3-4-8-9-20-30. The bonus number of this draw was 45 which is a rather curious combination. Regardless of the consecutive numbers, the draw turned out being the one able to make one lottery enthusiast much richer at the end of the day.

Exactly a month after the draw, there is still no news from the winners of the major jackpot which has set a record of sorts. The only thing sure at this point is that the ticket was purchased in the region of Edmonton, as this is the information which is displayed by the system. Western Canada Lottery Corporation spokesman Kevin van Egdom, stated that the organization is looking forward to finding out more about the winner who has had the luck to win the legal right to obtain the fortune.

It should be taken into account that the largest jackpot won in Canada amounted to CA$64 million and claimed by purchasers of Lotto 6/49 tickets, but this amount was divided between several individuals. In this sense, this CA$60-million jackpot is the largest one to be claimed by a single player.

The Draw is Over and Now What?

Each ticket should be checked once the draw has come to an end and there are several convenient ways in which this could be done. There are special Ticket Checkers located at the locations where lottery tickets could be purchased which make the entire process much easier. Individuals willing to find out whether or not they have won one of the generous prizes provided by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation should simply scan the barcode printed on their ticket with the help of the red light of the machine.

An audible beep sound will notify them the scanning is completed and successful, closely followed by information about a potential winning being displayed on the machine. Another way for checking whether or not a player is winning a cash prize is via the convenient mobile app Lottery Manager. It could scan tickets and confirm winning numbers. For those who want to claim prizes above the CA$1,001, a phone call is mandatory.

Winners will receive further instructions once they contact the 1-800-665-3313 hotline. What is sure is that such large payouts cannot be paid out at retail stores and it is mandatory that players make their way to the Prize Payout Offices. There is another unclaimed Lotto MAX prize in Alberta with a draw date July 13. The player who purchased that ticket is eligible for some CA$175,009.30 if they made their way to one of the Prize Payout Offices.