The Most Popular Blackjack Versions

When it comes to online casinos in Canada, the most popular games are either one-armed bandits or some of the timeless table games that we all know and love. One of those games is Blackjack, and in today’s article, we’ll be discussing all the different variations of it that players have been enjoying in 2023. As you can probably imagine, there are countless different versions of Blackjack, but we’ll focus on talking about those that we really think are going to be worth your time and money.

The American Version

We’re starting off with the classic and arguably the most popular blackjack variant out there and that is The American Blackjack. This is without a doubt, the most sought-after version of the game, and the one players are accustomed to the most. Even though it has “American” in the name, this title is being played all over the world, and it is absolutely adored by all.

It’s been one of the most popular table games for decades now, as it is absolutely simple to get into, but there is also a lot of room for improvement. Although some other versions have more features or mechanics, this one stood the test of time and remained the top dog of the genre.

It is played with a multitude of 52-card decks, with the dealer dealing two cards, one being faced-up, while the other is faced down until it’s his turn to play again. Players have the options of splitting, doubling down, and late-surrendering as some of the main features.

The European Blackjack Variant

The second variant we want to talk about is the European Blackjack. While it isn’t astonishingly different compared to its American counterpart, there are some things you will need to differentiate between the two.

First and foremost, the hole card in the European version is never dealt at the start, but after the players have finished playing, which gives them a winning edge in online casinos. For this reason alone, a lot of punters tend to prefer European Blackjack to American.

Apart from that, you can also expect to see only two decks here, in comparison to the American where there are usually 6 – 8, which makes it a lot easier to follow. There are also differences in the way doubling and splitting works. In the European variant, players usually don’t have the option of late surrendering, which is a huge con in comparison to its rival.

The Double Exposure Type

We’re continuing with a version that is surely going to spice things up if you’re a little bit bored from the regular blackjack experience. Plenty of veteran players tend to try out the Double Exposure and simply love it because it gives them the feeling of discovering something new while still having the same basic rules.

The key feature of Double Exposure is the fact that the dealer has both cards revealed at the beginning of each round, which allows players to know their hand immediately. This brings totally different strategies to the plays, and that is exactly why this variant has been a hit amongst punters.

Of course, as you could imagine, there are other changes that are used to compensate for this player advantage. The biggest one is that the dealers win if it’s a tie, whereas, in regular blackjack, the player gets his money back if that is the case. The payouts are also lower in comparison to other types to balance out the gameplay.

The Perfect Pairs Game

Now, in Perfect Pairs, the players don’t have the ability to see all of the dealer’s cards at the beginning of the round. This type of Blackjack has the same rules as the standard one, but it does come with a few features that allow players to experience more flexibility and fun.

As you can probably guess by the name, The Perfect Pairs allows players to bet on their initial two cards on whether or not they are going to be a pair. Depending on what type of pair they are, the players can expect to experience different kinds of wins.

This variant is played with a multitude of decks and is an incredibly popular choice for those who don’t want to change the basic standardized rules of the game, but who want to have something extra to bet on. If you’re looking to spice up your online blackjack, we definitely recommend that you give Perfect Pairs a shot.

Progressive Jackpot Blackjack

Another type of Blackjack we think you should give a try if you like subtle differences is the Progressive Jackpot Type. If you think that this isn’t a very popular choice amongst players, then you would be incredibly wrong. Progressive Jackpot Blackjack has also been one of the top choices amongst casino players.

This is probably because it essentially has no differences from the standard version, like the Perfect Pairs, except for the fact that players can choose to put money on the progressive jackpot that is growing every second. These jackpots are usually different based on the online casino you are going to be playing at.

The jackpot can land on any hand, so the factor of surprise is incredibly big, which is one of the main reasons why people tend to like this type of game. On the other hand, if you wish something more from your Blackjack, like features and mechanics, then you probably won’t have a great time playing this type.

Multi-Hand Variant

When it comes to the more hectic and exciting part of Blackjack, we can’t think of anything else besides the Multi-Hand variant that players like more and more as the online gambling industry rises. This type of game has seen a huge increase in the player base as people are experimenting more.

This isn’t to say that this variant is new. Quite on the contrary, this version is incredibly old and has a fine tradition amongst players across the world. It definitely adds an extra layer of excitement to the game, and that is exactly why people love it.

The main difference between Multi-hand and standard blackjack is that players can experience multiple hands at the same time. They can place different bets on different hands which means that there is a lot more room for strategy.

There are also potentially much bigger payouts if, for example, you manage to win more hands at the same time, which is exactly what entices punters to try it out. Of course, this goes both ways, as you can lose multiple hands at once and that can significantly decrease your budget, so you will have to watch out.

The Spanish 21

Arguably, the Spanish 21 version of Blackjack can easily be the most popular after the classic variant. The sheer amount of players that play it is astounding, and some online casinos even advertise it as the most played type, which is definitely not surprising to us, as it really has some great appeal.

While it isn’t dramatically different from the original, the Spanish 21 removes the 10s from the decks and lets only the face cards be the star of the show. While that may be the case, the players of Spanish 21 have the best odds, with them being able to win in ties, which is something you can’t see in almost any other version.

There are also bonus wins for certain card combinations. Taking everything into account, it’s more than obvious why players seem to enjoy this version of the game over the standard. It certainly looks like the players have a much bigger advantage over the house, and that is exactly what everyone likes to see.

Blackjack Switch

If the last variant we mentioned intrigued you because of the bigger chances, then you will most certainly like what we have to mention now. Blackjack Switch is definitely one of those titles that really favor the players, so much so that this type is exclusively available on online gambling platforms. You can’t find this variant in a land-based casino, which is a testament to the player’s winning edge.

In this iteration of the game, players draw two hands and then they can essentially choose to combine the hands however they want them to. After that, they draw another card. As you can see, this is exactly why every brick-and-mortar casino doesn’t want this type of game to offer.

In comparison to others, Blackjack Switch is a bit rarer to find in online casinos as well. This isn’t to say that you will have a hard time finding it, it’s just that you will have a lot more choice when it comes to other versions, so definitely keep that in mind.

Single-Deck Blackjack

We’re closing things off with a simple, yet very compelling version of Blackjack that has a very dedicated fanbase online – the Single-Deck variant. As the name suggests, this type of game is played on a single deck, which can give players a huge advantage if they know how to count.

It follows the same rules as the standard version, but the decks are being shuffled after each hand. Professional players love to play this iteration, as it can be very fun and exciting if you know what you are doing. We don’t recommend that you try this as your first version, but only if you already have some experience under your belt.