How To Play Live Casino Blackjack With a Vanilla Prepaid Card 

One of the biggest reasons why blackjack online casinos have become so popular lies in the fact that getting into gambling these days is generally a lot more accessible than it ever was. This translates to many parts of the business, but most notably with payment methods.

In today’s article, our discussion focuses on vanilla prepaid card banking options that provide plenty of advantages to those who use them. Let’s take a look at why you should consider making transactions with this method and why so many Canadian punters have been opting out of them.

How Do Vanilla Prepaid Cards Work?

Vanilla prepaid cards work in a much different fashion than most of the other relevant payment methods. Instead of having your balance located in a bank account or an electronic wallet, you can buy these cards with predetermined amounts of money stored in them.

This means that you can quickly purchase one of these cards and immediately use them to deposit funds into your online casino account. Doing this is very easy, as the only thing you have to do is get a hold of one and you’ll be ready to play. Purchasing them is either possible physically in retail stores or online. For the latter you will need to connect a separate payment method, though.

After successfully doing this, you will receive a card that resembles traditional credit or debit options. They will have all the information you would expect, making the depositing process very similar to the already well-known alternatives. Anyone can use them with ease, and that’s why they have been such a popular choice among punters.

Once you have everything set up, navigate to the depositing section of your casino account and choose vanilla prepaid cards as your banking option of choice. Now all you have to do is enter the details you have been provided with your prepaid purchase and the funds will transfer to your casino balance.

It’s worth mentioning that this payment method is exclusively available for deposits. This means that as of right now there is no way to withdraw your winnings to the same card. You will still need to have a separate banking option like an electronic wallet for when you want to cash out, or you can use other prepaid card services such as AstroPay and ecoPayz.

Security and Anonymity

One of the biggest advantages of using vanilla prepaid cards is their safety and security. The way they function allows you to deposit funds directly into your casino account without having to reveal any of your personal information, which is always provided by other traditional banking methods.

This is an extra layer of security that protects you from potential malicious cyber activities that can jeopardize your safety. Even if the gambling platform you are playing on is reliable and regulated, there have been many instances of popular online casinos being unwillingly targeted by data breaches and other attacks executed by hackers.

Something like that happening can potentially result in a lot of trouble if you have credit card or bank account information linked to your casino balance. Stolen money, identity thefts, and other terrible instances are not impossible in these situations. Using vanilla and other prepaid cards will thoroughly eliminate all the worst outcome possibilities.

They are also especially beneficial for those who are playing casino games on multiple different platforms. Leaving important personal information with several gambling brands significantly increases the risk of unwanted exploitations. Besides cryptocurrencies, there isn’t a safer way for you to handle casino deposits than with vanilla prepaid cards.

Availability in Canadian Casinos

To be able to use vanilla prepaid cards for online gambling, you will need to find a platform that accepts them as a valid payment method. Luckily for us, a large portion of Canadian casino brands allow their players to deposit money with this banking option. This means that you won’t have to spend an unnecessary amount of time looking for suitable casinos or settle for something less.

Be that as it may, vanilla prepaid card availability isn’t the only thing you should look into. You will need to do proper research for every brand you think about visiting. For starters, we highly recommend that you exclusively spend your time on regulated online gambling platforms.

Additionally, you shouldn’t skip out on reading the terms and conditions for each online casino, especially the sections dedicated to payment services. Apart from checking if vanilla prepaid cards are available, we also suggest you examine if the brand has specific requirements for certain deposit methods.

This probably doesn’t sound like something fun and exciting to do, but it’s an essential part of making sure that you are met with all the necessary information before depositing money. Furthermore, you can read up on casino reviews which usually have separate sections dedicated to reviewing payment methods provided by the brand.

Fees and Transaction Wait Time

Now, you’re probably wondering about whether or not this type of payment method has some drawbacks like transaction fees or slow depositing times. Unfortunately, whether you choose to purchase a Visa, Mastercard, or OneVanilla prepaid card, you are bound to face some sort of transaction fee.

All of these variants have activation fees which are charged immediately upon activating your vanilla prepaid card. Additionally, you can expect to face a fee charge for every month you don’t spend the funds. These vary depending on your card of choice, but they can be anywhere from $3 to $15. There are additional fees attached to ATM withdrawals, but that shouldn’t concern you if you’re primarily looking to gamble.

These are all fees associated directly with the prepaid card in question, but it’s important to mention that online casinos can impose their fees. Again, this is why reading the terms and conditions is very important. This kind of information is always located there, so make sure to research it.

For transaction depositing times, players can expect to have instant transfers to their casino funds if the gambling platform doesn’t have extra layers of processing or verification. It’s really rare to see non-instant deposits associated with this banking method, so you shouldn’t worry about that at all.

Playing Blackjack Online Casinos With Vanilla Prepaid Cards

When it comes to the live dealer casino space there are many fantastic products for you to play. Most of the titles you can see being offered are table games that have been enjoyed for dozens of years, and sometimes even more. Be that as it may, throughout the years, one title stood out when it comes to popularity. We are talking about blackjack.

If you’re looking to start playing this universally loved game, but still haven’t decided on the primary payment method, then it’s worth mentioning that you can enjoy the full scope of blackjack and its variations with the usage of vanilla prepaid cards. As we have already mentioned, there are plenty of Canadian online casinos that accept this banking method, and you will find it difficult to find a platform that doesn’t provide some form of blackjack for their punters to play.

Once you’ve deposited money into your casino account, you can start playing by joining some of the tables in the casino live dealer section of your choice. If you don’t have a lot of experience with the game but you’d like to learn, then we suggest you start with regular blackjack tables, and later on, you can work your way up to famous variations like Speed Blackjack, Multihand Blackjack, and Blackjack Switch.

The game itself is rather simple but with a high enough skill ceiling for players to improve over time. In essence you are looking to beat the dealer by having a higher summed-up value of the cards than him, without crossing 21, which is considered “blackjack”. Players are faced with “hit”, “stand”, “split”, and “double” standard bets after the dealer has dealt the first two cards.

The aforementioned blackjack variations are unique twists on the already established formula, and they serve the purpose of providing players with fun and exciting alternatives that feature similar rulesets but with different key mechanics and features.

And that’s pretty much it. There are various tips and tricks you can try and learn from the dedicated blackjack community which can potentially help you in certain situations. The game is mostly dependent on luck, so you can still enjoy it and have fun even if you don’t research strategies.


In summary, playing blackjack in Canadian online casinos by using a vanilla prepaid card is not only possible but something that thousands of punters do every single day. Keep in mind that this is objectively one of the safer payment methods you can utilize for deposits. Security should always be valued, and we always advise our readers to put their safety at the forefront of their priorities. Also, remember to always read the terms of service before depositing money into a gambling platform.