The 10 Best Live Casino Roulette Versions To Try Out

When we’re talking about the most popular live casino table games, it’s hard not to mention roulette. This game and its original versions have been enjoyed by players worldwide for decades, and its popularity grew even more with the introduction of online casinos. With such a huge player base, software providers started developing unique variations of roulette where they’ve changed the basic rule set or added additional features and mechanics. Today’s article will discuss the top 10 online roulette variants to play in Canada. These are the best iterations of the product you should try out. Some of these have been developed and released in recent years, while others have been a staple in almost every online gambling platform for quite some time.

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European Roulette

Now, if you’re only starting with playing roulette, you might see that the majority of the products being offered are either labeled European or American. These are two relatively similar games but with one major difference. European roulette is the version you should go for.

Here, players only face a single zero pocket, while its American counterpart has two. This directly impacts the house edge, putting punters in a much better position when it comes to their winning chances. There isn’t a reason why you should choose to play the American take on the game, as you’ll simply have a worse outcome probability-wise.

The only reason someone might not go for the European variation is that their online casino isn’t offering it. That’s why we highly recommend that you carefully choose which gambling platform you will spend your time and money on.

French Roulette

french_rouletteNext up we have a subversion of European roulette that you should optimally go for if you can find it online. French roulette has the same base rule set as our previous entry in the list but with additional features that enhance the player’s chances even more, making it an incredibly exciting and entertaining pick.

Depending on which French table you join, you can play the game with either the La Partage or En Prison rules, which significantly lower the house edge in case the ball drops in the green pocket.

If the La Partage rule is incorporated, players will receive half the wagered money, given that they’ve placed even money bets. For En Prison, player bets remain in the same position for the next spin if the ball lands on the green socket. This allows them to return the entirety of their wagered bets if the ball lands on the guessed even-money bet pocket in the next round.

Lightning Roulette

lightning_rouletteContinuing our list we have a rather modern take on the game developed by renowned software provider Evolution Gaming. Lightning roulette features multipliers which are assigned to random numbers for every spin. If a player places a bet on a number that has received a random multiplier and wins, his cashout will be significantly higher than it would be otherwise.

These random multipliers can go from 50x up to 500x. This can result in some seriously ludicrous winnings as you can imagine. It’s no wonder that players love this roulette version and why it has been so popular. Since a major studio developed this, you won’t have issues finding it in Canadian online casinos, as they are incredibly common to see.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

If random multipliers weren’t already enough, Evolution Gaming decided to modify their hit game even more by introducing XXXtreme Lightning roulette to the equation. This is another very popular version of the game that you should try out.

xxxtreme_lightning_rouletteThis product retains all the rules that we’ve just mentioned for Lightning Roulette but with an added feature. Double Strike can appear and randomly enhance a multiplier, increasing its potential payout by up to 2000x. This further adds to the excitement of the game, as those who are lucky enough can win staggering amounts of money.

This is being played out in a very pretty-looking and atmospheric live casino setting with spectacular visuals. We highly recommend that you check this one out, even if you’re not a huge roulette fan.

Double Ball Roulette

Here we have an interesting twist on the game players seem to love playing. Double Ball Roulette is exactly what it sounds like – a roulette played with two balls instead of one. Now, you’re probably wondering how this works, as it might sound confusing.

Well, it’s pretty simple! You have the option of placing bets on both balls, increasing your chances of guessing the right number. This is compensated by an adjusted payout table, though. Double Ball Roulette is available in both American and European versions of the game.

While this additional rule doesn’t add anything all too exciting like multipliers, we still it’s a really good choice for those looking to spice things up in the most minimal manner.

Mini Roulette

mini_rouletteWhile our previous entry didn’t do anything significant to change the rule set, our next entry certainly does. Mini roulette completely shrinks the entire gaming field, making the roulette wheel much smaller with only 13 pockets, as opposed to its original state of 37 or 38.

This type of adjustment drastically changes everything. First and foremost, the payout table is completely changed, which is only natural considering that your winning probability is dramatically increased. Secondly, all strategies and gameplay patterns that worked in the normal version of the game are thrown out the window.

We can safely say that a whole separate community is dedicated to this version of the game, with various tips and tricks specifically devised for Mini Roulette. If you’re bored or tired by the regular wheel, you should check out this miniature variation.

Double Action Roulette

While the Double Ball Roulette introduces two separate balls, Double Action Roulette does the opposite and provides players with two wheels. This product provides players with two entirely separate betting grids to place their bets, increasing the overall excitement of every spin.

The wheels are synchronized and they spin at the same time and speed, so for every round, you can anticipate two wins if you are lucky enough. This type of gameplay environment involves additional strategies that players incorporate into their bets, making it a very popular choice for many.

Progressive Jackpot Roulette

While a lot of people love the fact that they can try out new roulette variations that will provide them with exciting mechanics and features, some like the base rule set without any modifications. Well, we believe those players should at least try out a progressive jackpot version of the game.

We’re not talking about a specific product here, as many roulette titles out there boast a progressive jackpot. These usually have different graphical approaches or unique live studio appearances, but other than that they are pretty much the same game as regular roulette, except for the fact that there is a jackpot involved.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, the progressive jackpot consistently accumulates a percentage of every bet players place on the wheel. The jackpot comprises those accumulated bets and is distributed to winners randomly. This means that you could be playing a regular round of roulette when suddenly you’re experiencing a huge jackpot win.

Speed Roulette

speed_rouletteOur next entry is specifically developed for punters who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to their gaming sessions. Speed Roulette is a fantastic version of the game that shortens the time between each wheel spin by a whopping 50%. While roulette is generally a fast game, this product makes it even faster.

Those who can afford only a few minutes of gaming daily will certainly love this variation. If you can only spend time playing roulette during the commute or work break, this is the perfect choice for you. The base rule set remains the same, and the time between the spins is the only thing altered.

This is also a great choice for those who like to jump in and out of different games without waiting for a long time. Speed roulette is an efficient way to experience the product quickly, appealing to many.

Instant Roulette

We’re closing things off with the most explosive version of the game. Instant Roulette isn’t faster than our previous mention per se, but it provides players with multiple wheels spinning at different times. This means that you can place your bets and anticipate winnings at any given moment.

While the wheels spin at normal speeds, Instant Roulette can provide you with the quickest way of experiencing the game, even more so than Speed Roulette. If you’re someone who has an incredibly small window of time to play, then this is the right pick for you. Additionally, if you’re looking to place bets at multiple tables at once, then you should also consider playing Instant Roulette.