Debunking The 9 Biggest Casino Myths

In the world of online and land-based casinos, there are plenty of myths that players believe in. Since gambling has been activity people have been a part of for a very long time now, it’s only natural that some superstitions arise. In this article today we’re going to be discussing and debunking all of those myths. We believe that it is important for you to know what kind of theories and beliefs you should avoid, as they are generally objectively wrong. Having a wrong perspective on gambling can be a very bad thing for your financial and mental stability. Here are the top 9 gambling myths debunked.

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Personal Superstitions and Lucky Charms

We’re starting our list with the most obvious myth of them all – the personal superstitions and lucky charms. Now, we want to preface this by saying that having lucky charms and personal rituals is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you are aware that in most cases, this won’t do anything to change your game.

There have been many instances where players wrap themselves in these kinds of superstitions only to lose a lot of money without taking any breaks, and that’s what we’re trying to stop here. You won’t become a better gambler if you’re looking to cash out big prizes because of your lucky charm. We know that this might seem rude to us, but it’s the truth, and we’re only trying to assist you in avoiding mistakes.

Hot Streaks

Another really big misconception amongst online casino players is that the hot streaks are a real thing and that they should pursue it. While it is more than possible for you to attain many wins in a row, you shouldn’t believe that you’re on a “hot streak” and that luck is always going to be on your side from now on.

A lot of the times when consecutive wins happen to someone, they end up raising their stakes and depositing more money, only to end up losing everything just because they’ve thought they are on a hot streak. Understanding the probability of having a lot of wins is something that a lot of players have trouble with. Hot streaks are just very good luck, and believing that it is going to continue forever is a very big mistake that you should absolutely avoid doing.

The Casinos Are Rigged

the_casinos_are_riggedNow, the next thing we want to talk about is the group of people that always claim the casinos are rigged and that they are fixing the games against the players. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as all regulated online casinos need to adhere to the rules and guidelines. They need to make sure that the games players are enjoying are totally random.

On the other hand, if you’re playing in an unregulated gambling environment, then you can expect to see some fishy stuff. That’s why plenty of regulated casinos allow players to check their games with the provably fair system, and that is exactly why we always recommend that you spend your time in a licensed environment. You will have a much better time with yourself knowing that you are experiencing true randomness.

Past Outcomes Determine Future Outcomes

This myth is definitely one that is present in almost every single player, but it is important for us to debunk it. How many times has it happened that you’ve been repeatedly losing only to tell yourself: “The next one is going to be a win”?

Believing that past outcomes determine future outcomes is something that most punters out there do, especially in online slots. At the end of the day, this doesn’t make any sort of difference, as everything is random and there is no way of knowing that you are definitely going to win, even if you’ve experienced loss previously many times consecutively. Knowing that everything is random and believing in that will allow you to debunk this myth for yourself as well.

There is No Skill Involved

Another great misconception amongst players and those that don’t even participate in gambling is that there is no skill involved in games. This really couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are countless casino games that will allow you to improve and hone your skills as you progress through.

Of course, there are games that have more of a luck factor than others, but playing titles like poker or blackjack will allow you to see that there is certainly room for improvement, even if it doesn’t seem like that always. There is a good reason why there are professional gamblers.

We suggest that you practice these games for free before depositing money, as you can definitely get better results that way.

Gambling Addiction Can’t Hit Anyone

In our opinion, this is the most important myth that we are going to be debunking today. There are people out there that believe certain individuals are predetermined to develop gambling addiction if they start playing. While it is true that some people are more prone to overspending and having issues, it is an absolute lie that others can’t get addicted as well.

Because of that, we are always going to stress how important it is for you to gamble responsibly Anyone can get addicted to gambling if they are not careful enough, and that is why we recommend you read up on all the safety gambling guidelines and use the responsible features that plenty of regulated casinos tend to offer.

While going through all of that might seem like a really boring time, it is essential for you to gain knowledge on this matter so you can freely enjoy your favorite casino games.

Betting Strategies Are Lose-Proof

debunking_the_9_biggest_casino_mythsPlenty of online gambling players at some point look up some sort of guides in order to improve their game. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and we actually encourage you to explore and experiment with different tactics. As we’ve already said, it’s definitely possible to expand your skills and the only way you can do that is by actively trying to get better.

What we do have a problem with is when some propagate that certain betting systems and strategies are lose-proof, meaning that there is absolutely no way for you to lose if you’re using their system or strategy. There is no such thing as lose-proof tactics in online gambling, and that is incredibly important for you to remember.

These types of myths prey on those who are looking to make some money with gambling and they can be incredibly dangerous.

Beginner’s Luck

Next up we have one of the oldest myths in the industry, and that is the beginner’s luck misconception. This is something that beginner players can develop gambling problems over, and we believe that it is pivotal for us to mention that it is absolutely wrong. Beginner’s luck is nonexistent, and you must remember that.

If you do end up winning on your first couple of gambling games, then it is simply because you either played your hands right or because you’ve got lucky. It doesn’t have any correlation to the fact that you are only starting out unless you are playing in an unregulated casino where randomness isn’t guaranteed. Believing in beginner’s luck can truly lead to gambling addiction because individuals can end up depositing huge amounts of money because they inherently believe they are going to win.

Gambling is An Easy Way To Get Wealthy

We’re closing things off with a very important myth being debunked. There are a lot of delusional people that believe gambling is an easy way to get wealthy very quickly. We can’t stress enough how wrong this is and how damaging it could be to those who are maybe looking to get some financial stability.

If you are in need of money because you are not doing well, you should most definitely avoid any kind of gambling. You should only do it for fun and entertainment and when you are financially stable. Trying to acquire wealth through games like online slots and table games like roulette is something that will quickly lose you all that you have left, so please do not try to do this.

There have been a lot of cases where individuals lose their entire budgets simply because they needed a quick way of making money. 


In summary, these were some of the biggest gambling myths that we’ve debunked. Most of these you’ve already probably heard about, and we only wanted to make sure that you don’t actually believe in it. A lot of people fall victim to these kinds of misconceptions, and that would be okay if we weren’t talking about something that can lose a lot of money.

Debunking these myths and letting people know about it is something we believe is going to bring a lot of good, as we never like to see our fellow players tricked. Hopefully, we’ve reverted your mind from believing in some of these myths, as we really believe that is ultimately going to help you out in having a much better gaming experience in the long run.