AvatarUX Game Mechanics: PopWins, Popscade, ZapReel & StickyPop

The online gambling space is filled to the brim with a vast amount of unique and interesting casino titles, with slots certainly being one of the most popular ones. There isn’t a single player out there who at least hasn’t tried playing some of these products. They are fun, exciting, and mechanically interesting. In today’s article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the slot mechanics from the renowned software developer AvatarUX. While this studio isn’t an industry giant like some others, they have what it takes to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best. Their repertoire of one-armed bandits is famous for having interesting signature features that punters absolutely adore all across the globe. We will be examining their PopWins, Popscade, ZapReel, and StickyPop mechanics, which are the perfect way for players to spice up their gaming sessions.

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popwinsWe’re kicking things off with the first game mechanic introduced by the software developer AvatarUX. Popwins is an incredibly innovative and revolutionary way for iGaming enthusiasts to enjoy online slots. It’s also safe to say that the development of this feature put the studio on the map.

They’ve managed to quickly rise and differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd in an overly saturated market, and that is something we simply have to give them credit for.

PopWins isn’t an overly complicated mechanic that people will need a long time to get accustomed to. Quite on the contrary, this feature is easily accessible and easy-to-get-into, which will appeal to both beginner and veteran players alike.

Players can trigger PopWins with every winning combination that players manage to get on a regular spin. With every spin, the winning symbols become bubbles that pop and transform into other symbols that can create additional wins. This can go on as long as successful combinations are made, resulting in some pretty crazy wins if players are lucky enough.

Since this mechanic is exclusive to the AvatarUX game library of online slots, they’ve also enhanced the average hit rate of titles that boast the feature. On average, the players should be experiencing 2 PopWins for every 10 spins. This means that you don’t have to play for a long time anticipating something interesting to happen, as fun is always around the corner.

Without a doubt, this feature has resonated with the players the most, and it’s more than obvious why these developers have received so much attention in the last couple of years. PopWins proved to be an absolute blast for punters across online casinos, and we’re sure that it will stay that way for a long time.

If you’ve been looking to try out new titles with interesting mechanics from fairly new and competent providers, we couldn’t recommend giving this a try. Some of the most popular games involving PoWins are CritterPop, CherryPop Deluxe, RagingPop, MonkeyPop, and Lollipop.


Next up we have a mechanic that serves as an extension to our previously mentioned PopWins, but it can also definitely hold its own ground. ZapReel provides players with exciting ways to change up the base game of the online slot.

This is done with an additional horizontal reel that is placed at the top of the board. This horizontal reel is filled with additional rewards and unique features, triggered by receiving a winning combination that corresponds with the reel below the horizontal one.

What’s even more interesting is that there can be simultaneous reward winnings in only one spin, considering that the PopWins is also in play. This can result in multiple different features kicking in simultaneously, resulting in players cashing out some big amounts, all while having a blast.

As the developers say, this mechanic can be very “flexible”, which means that it can be used in several different ways, so players can experience unique rewards depending on which title they play. This brings an incredible amount of winning ways, which raises the product’s anticipation, excitement, and overall entertainment value.

Bonuses like expanding wilds, multipliers, and adding wilds are all possible with implementing ZapReel. Not only that, it’s also possible for them to appear simultaneously.

Unfortunately, there is only one game currently that boasts this unique and interesting mechanic, and the name of that product is LooneyPop. It is a fantastic one-armed bandit that combines the PopWins and ZapReel mechanics in a great fashion, with synced reel rewards that can expand the game board and allow players to experience superb wins.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this mechanic, as it needs to be imported to other developing products from this software developer.


stickypopContinuing we have another variation of the base PopWins mechanic, but this time, it revolves around the sticky feature, and therefore, it is appropriately named StickyPop. If you haven’t noticed, sticky wilds and symbols have become an increasingly popular way for software developers to enhance their slot gameplay.

Many players love the idea of symbols sticking and holding on to a certain position, as it generates a lot of excitement. With this particular mechanic, we are not going to be talking about sticky wilds, which are arguably the most popular version of the feature.

In StickyPop games, the winning symbols are frozen while others disappear and let new symbols appear in their place. This can continue as long as winning combinations are happening on the screen, which, similar to PopWins, can also generate enormous wins.

This can cause a chain reaction that results in multiple winning combinations that can last as long as the players are lucky. Currently, only one game utilizes StickyPop, and the name of that one-armed bandit is Pop O’Gold.

Here, StickyPop is combined with the fact that every winning combination culminates in reels being expanded to 5, while also expanding to 7 during the free spins. With just a little bit of luck, this can make even the smallest of wins transform into something much bigger.

We would love to see this slot mechanic utilized in future titles, as the possibilities are endless, especially when combined with other stellar features that AvatarUX has put out.


Lastly, we have a mechanic who ditches the innovative popping approach and turns to something we have already seen in other one-armed bandits. Popscade focuses on providing players with cascading reels, and while that certainly isn’t as original as our previous entries, it is definitely very, very fun.

If you already don’t know, cascading reels function in a way that winning symbols disappear and they let new ones come down in their place. It is the aforementioned StickyPop, but in reverse. This is the newest feature addition to the AvatarUX library of games, which will go hand-in-hand with others.

Currently, GemPops is the newest and only title that boasts this mechanic. Here, players can enjoy the Popscade feature while also being able to experience variable reel heights that can range from 3 reels all the way to 7. There are also reel multipliers specific to reels, increasing with every winning combination.

This online slot also has the bonus free spins round, which introduces the additional xPops mechanic. Here, symbols will pop for a random amount, ranging from 1 to 4 times. We can assume that AvatarUX plans to develop products with multiple “Pop” features at once, as combining them can result in some incredible gambling entertainment.

We highly recommend you give GemPops a shot if you are a fan of cascading reels in slots. It is a feature-rich title that is surely going to bring you tons of hours of fun. It also has beautiful graphics and an amazing sound design that puts the atmosphere and immersion in place.


In summary, online slots can only go forward if we have software developers who wish to innovate and develop new and exciting ways to entertain their players. The evolution of one-armed bandits lies in their hands, and it’s never been so important to show originality as it is today. Players are becoming more and more demanding since they have an enormous choice. AvatarUX does an excellent job keeping their games fresh and tempting to players. Even though they are a relatively new studio with little experience, it’s safe to say that their future is very bright. They aren’t going for the safe routes that won’t bring them any risks. Instead, they are looking to experiment and discover new ways to entertain their players, and we think that’s exemplary.