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Moose Jaw Locals Targeted in Another Lottery Scam

Police in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan have warned locals about a new circulating lottery scam. According to the authorities, scammers are calling residents in the city and informing them that they have won prizemoney from the Stars Air Ambulance Lottery. To claim their winnings, fraudsters ask their victims to make a deposit first.

Lottery scams have become more common over the last few years, but residents must remember that only provincial lotteries are allowed to offer legal lottery offerings across the country. That is why it is important to remember that they will never ask to make a deposit first when trying to claim prizes. Lotteries advise players to carefully check all websites before committing.

Residents Should be Mindful of Potential Scams

In a press release, the Moose Jaw police explained scammers pretended to be representatives of Stars Air Ambulance and told people they had won new vehicles or cash prizes from CA$30,000 to CA$350,000. Scammers would try to deceive people by falsely claiming that they have won a prize but requesting them to send a payment first to obtain the prize money.

Police warn residents that if they are being asked to send a cheque, money order, or any payment to claim a lottery prize, then it is a scam. In addition, authorities shared that there is also a ‘grandparent scam’ where a caller pretends to be a grandchild in need of money and tells them a lawyer would later contact them for the payment.

Furthermore, local police remarked that once information is obtained through the first call, a second call is made to the victim from someone pretending to be a lawyer. Then, the victim is told to withdraw a large amount of cash and await more instructions. Police remind everyone that lawyers, judges, or jails do not contact people to ask for money.

Police caution that if the caller is asking for payment via gift cards or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, then it is a scam. Those who think they have been a victim of such a scam should feel free to call their local police department or Crime Stoppers. Also, more information on the topic can be found on the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s official website.

Scams Become More Prevalent

In October 2023, Ontario Provincial Police reported that it had intervened in a lottery scam, which cost an individual CA$100,000. After the intervention, an Etobicoke man is now set to appear and court as he faces charges about the scam in eastern Ontario. Only one individual was detained by the police on September 28, 2023, in relation to the fraud.

Just recently, Alberta also warned its residents about a gambling-related scam. Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis said there are new circulating fraudulent apps and social media advertisements that pretend to be casinos and racing entertainment centres. These ads imply that the venues have incorporated online gambling into their business, which is not the case.

Source: Postey, Drew “Scammers are calling and telling Moose Jaw residents they’ve won STARS Lottery prizesCTV News Regina, February 27, 2024