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Environmental Group Opposes Long Island Casino Bid

Las Vegas Sands’ proposal for a casino resort in Nassau County, Long Island, is considered among the favourites to win a downstate commercial gaming license from New York. However, not everyone in the area is content with the bid. Recently, the Long Island Sierra Club talked about the potential environmental damage that the project could cause to the region.

The Empire State is in the process of awarding three full-scale casino licenses to the downstate region and there are plenty of candidates. Las Vegas Sands is one of them and it pitched its proposal for an integrated casino resort worth US$4 billion at the Nassau Hub a while back. The gambling giant has even acquired a 99-year lease for the hub, in the pursuit of a permit.

Discussing Environmental Concerns

In a statement, the Sierra Club shared that it agrees with the growing number of residents, who wish that the process should be slowed down for an independent environmental review of LVS’s casino bid. Its press release also read that the organization supports the effort to preserve the balance of nature and responsible growth on Long Island.

Steven Rolston, a representative of the group remarked that some of the organization’s concerns include the site’s wager usage, garbage removal, road congestion, energy demands, and disruption of the wildlife. He added the organization was taken aback when the operator tried to rush through the process and not go further with the environmental review.

One of the main issues for the group with the proposed casino resort of this magnitude is the water system. Mr. Rolston elaborated they are worried about the aquifers, as the project will draw lots of water, which will ultimately affect the water levels in the area. In addition to that, he believes the water supply will be polluted from the construction and the operations of the casino.

Hofstra University and Local Communities Oppose the Plan

In addition to the environmental group, Las Vegas Sands’ project is also opposed by Trustees from Hofstra University sent an open letter about the proposed gaming project labelling it “entirely inappropriate.” The letter read that the target location for the casino is surrounded by educational institutions from preschool through graduate school and a range of suburban communities.

Meanwhile, Say No to the Casino Civic Association, continues its charge against the plan. The organization noted it would change the character of Nassau County and the nearby neighbourhoods. It says it will lead to increased crime, traffic, and noise pollution. The group even started a petition on, which, as of the end of March 2023 had around 1,900 signatures.

But despite the severe opposition, experts such as Wells Fargo analyst Daniel Politzer still reckon LVS is a favourite to land one of the three commercial licenses. A while back he noted that the company’s proposal was the most compelling bid among dozens of others that are in contention for the three licenses. Additionally, the operator already committed funds to the project.

Source: Barmash, Jerry “Watch: Environmental Group Speaks Out Against Nassau Hub Casino, January 31, 2024