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Patrons Unimpressed with Great Canadian Casino Toronto

Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto opened just over a month ago, but some of its patrons are not exactly pleased with the state of the CA$1-billion gaming resort. Great Canadian Entertainment’s new site was promised to revolutionize Toronto’s entertainment landscape, but the early customer feedback suggests that the property may not be up to standard.

Located in near proximity to Woodbine Racetrack, Toronto’s newest gambling establishment cost approximately CA$1 billion and provides work to around 2,000 people. It is the largest casino in the country, boasting 328,000 square feet of gaming space, which is equipped with 4,800 slots, 145 live tables, 400 hotel rooms, and an enormous live show venue.

Initial Feedback is Not Positive

Despite the CA$1 billion investment, some of the patrons of the new casino are not quite satisfied with their experience. One of the guests, Jeff, who visited the gaming resort in July, commented that the property was still mostly under construction. He described the casino as a converted warehouse with leftover equipment from failed locations.

Meanwhile, others compared it to Las Vegas casinos and came to the conclusion that it is still far from such. Another visitor, Carmen, said the property that launched in June 2023 had no atmosphere and admitted that she prefers both Niagara Falls casinos to this one. Others such as Greg, find it difficult to see how this is a billion-dollar casino, and said that his expectations were low in the first place.

Another issue among clients is its table limits, with patrons unhappy with the minimum bets on some tables. Michael Sauro advised the property to do some research on the topic. He argues that minimum wagers on table games should not always be CA$50-100 as it drives people away. Meanwhile, other clients complained that there were not enough cashiers working on a Saturday night.

According to reports, the new resort is on schedule to generate CA$500 million in economic impact for Ontario, and Toronto raking in CA$357 million, which is more than the previous Casino Woodbine. On top of that, the province also receives plenty of capital from the province’s regulated market for online gambling and sports betting which also boosts the local economy.

Hotel Opens on August 1

But it should also be mentioned that the new gambling resort in Toronto is still in its opening stages, as some of its amenities are gradually launched. For instance, the casino’s hotel will kick off operations on August 1, 2023. In addition to that, the resort will also offer a premium poker room, which will be open to the public later in the summer.

Previously, the company said that the new poker room will accommodate the local market’s poker player base. Once operational, it will offer 30 tables on a completely private floor with electronic table games and slots for those who are waiting for a spot. It will also feature ‘No Limit’ and ‘Limit’ at different levels, hence providing exciting playing options.

Source: Phelan, Colm “Great Canadian Casino Reviews Uninspiring Since Grand, July 28, 2023