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AGCO Once More Recognized for its Regulatory Service

The remarkable efforts of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario in designing and implementing the regulatory framework for Ontario’s fresh and competitive internet gaming market, which was launched last April, have been duly recognized. As a testament to their dedication and expertise, AGCO has been honoured with the prestigious Excellence in Gaming Regulation Award by the North American Gaming Regulators Association.

AGCO is a regulatory body that oversees the alcohol, gaming, horse racing, and private cannabis retail industries in Ontario. Operating under the principles of honesty, integrity, and the public interest, the AGCO is governed by a board accountable to the Ministry of the Attorney General. Established on February 23, 1998, it functions as a corporation under the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Act, 2019.

Testament to its Effort

The Ontario regulator was honoured at NAGRA’s conference in Boise, Idaho, on June 13, 2023, for its exceptional contributions and performance in gaming regulation. As the province’s gaming watchdog, AGCO played a key role in developing a responsible internet gaming model that prioritizes consumer choice, player protection, and legal market growth. It debuted last April.

Ontario’s regulated igaming market achieved remarkable success in its first year, with a significant shift towards regulated sites. Over 85% of respondents now gamble on regulated platforms, thanks to 45 registered operators, 75 sites, and 5,000 certified games. Strong government leadership, collaboration with iGaming Ontario, and commitment from operators, suppliers, and stakeholders contributed to this achievement, said Registrar and CEO, Tom Mungham.

Attorney General Doug Downey commended the AGCO for their exceptional regulatory efforts in the new igaming market. The Ministry of the Attorney General takes pride in collaborating with the AGCO to establish a secure, legal, and competitive marketplace that promotes innovation, generates employment opportunities, and ensures player protection and choice. The award acknowledges their achievements in these areas.

Jennifer LaMont, NAGRA President, extended congratulations to the regulators the recipient of the Excellence in Gaming Award. The nomination showcased AGCO’s collaborative efforts, skill, commitment, and teamwork in developing and implementing a regulatory framework for Ontario’s new iGaming market. The AGCO staff team’s dedication was evident in the detailed information provided for the award consideration.

This is not the first time that the Ontarian regulator has been recognized for its efforts to conduct responsible gambling. Back in October 2022, the watchdog received the award for Regulatory Excellence at the International Association of Gaming Regulators conference. This was in relation to opening a successful iGaming market for private operators in the province.

Introducing Some Changes Regarding Advertising

Speaking of the province’s first iGaming market, AGCO has recently heard some uproar regarding the influx of betting ads by operators. That is why the watchdog came up with a proposal to ban the use of sports athletes in such endorsements. Its proposal would also apply to cartoon figures, symbols, role models, social media influencers, celebrities or entertainers

Source: “AGCO wins NAGRA’s Excellence in Gaming Regulation AwardFinancial Post, June 13, 2023