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B.C. Alters ID Requirements for Self-Exclusion

This week, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation informed that there will be some changes to its Game Break self-exclusion program requirements at casinos. With the new rules, patrons will be required to present government-issued photo identification in order to enroll. An official implementation date will be announced in the coming weeks, said the regulator.

Game Break is a voluntary and confidential program which allows players to take a break from gambling for a selected period of time. Once an individual joins it, they opt out of gambling at B.C. gambling locations and or at The latter is the Crown corporation’s official iGaming platform, which is the only regulated online website for gambling in B.C.

Improvements Coming to the Program

After the changes are put in motion, patrons will be required to present government-issued photo identification to enter the program. Identification will be conducted by security staff who will scan the photo ID, which will be checked against a database of individuals enrolled in the program. It will not save any personal information for those who are allowed to enter a gaming facility.

According to the Crown, the new requirements align with its objective of having the healthiest players in the world through evidence-based player-health programs which are concentrated on positive outcomes. Third-party reviews of the self-exclusion program demonstrate participants believe identification checks at casinos will best support their choice of being refused entry at these gaming locations.

BCLC also reminded that British Columbians have access to free prevention, treatment, and support services via Gambling Support BC. However, no official date for the implementation of the photo ID has been revealed. But players need to know that even now, they may be requested to verify age or identity, as identification is also checked for processes such as jackpot prize claims.

But even after the enrollment of individuals into the self-exclusion program, it remains up to them to honour the personal commitment. But the Crown Corporation believes that the new changes to identification requirements at casinos will help bettors take breaks from gambling by preventing attempted entry to one of the many gaming locations across the province.

This was the second time in 2023 that BCLC has made some improvements to its Game Break self-exclusion program. In January, the Crown agency reported that it has updated the program to make it more approachable and add elements for further protection. The updates came in two segments, a new name and a reinstatement process for players who decide to return.

Member ULIS

A few months after that, the BCLC announced that it has become United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports. The latter was formerly known as the Global Lottery Monitoring System and it promotes responsible gambling. Now, BCLC is the third Canadian lottery to join, after Loto Québec and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

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