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ALC Reports Record New Brunswick Lottery Win

A winner has been found for the Lotto 6/49 Gold Ball Jackpot and according to the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, its owner resides in New Brunswick. The Crown corporation revealed that the winner of the CA$64 million jackpot is somewhere in Gloucester County. This is a record number for the province, as it is the largest Lotto 6/49 jackpot over the last seven years.

The Gold Ball mechanic is relatively new to the Lotto 6/49 game as it was first introduced in September 2022. Now each draw of the game comes with a Classic draw and Gold Ball one. The classic one comes with a guaranteed CA$5-million jackpot, while the new option starts at CA$1 million and grows by CA$2 million for each draw until is finally claimed.

Recording Windfall for the Region

In its press release, ALC revealed that the new record win in New Brunswick is a recent one, as the winner managed to win the Gold Ball jackpot in the April 15 draw of Lotto 6/49. Now, the Crown advises everyone in Gloucester County with a ticket for the round to double-check their tickets. The winner has up to 52 weeks to claim their windfall.

Molly Cormier, Director of Brands and Communications at ALC, commented that the draw saw the largest won Lotto 6/49 jackpot in almost seven and a half years. This prize is the largest ever won in the Atlantic region, thus overshadowing a CA$60-million win in Newfoundland and Labrador, which dates back to February 2018.

Furthermore, Ms. Cormier said that the sixty-four-million figure would be a life-changing win for whoever has been lucky enough to obtain it. She added that no ticket holder has contacted the agency about claiming it yet, but she explained that the Crown is eager to meet whoever the winner from Gloucester County is and award them the amazing windfall.

According to the Crown corporation, the winning Gold Ball numbers for the life-changing draw of April 15, 2023, were 93331474-01. This win arrives on the back of another major one in the region, as recently a New Waterford, N.S. woman claimed CA$31 million from a ticket which she got for her birthday. Back then this was the largest lottery win in the Maritimes.

Winners of the New Gold Ball

Since the introduction of the new Lotto 6/49 version, Canadian lottery players have already obtained some amazing prizes from the new variant and Gold Ball in particular. Jean-Marc Poirier from Lanaudière, Quebec, became the first winner of a Gold Ball jackpot, and his prize money stood at a hefty CA$36 million. His win dates back to the October 29, 2022 draw.

Then in January 2023, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation revealed a special winning belonging to a Sault Ste. Marie resident. This winning was recorded during the January 7 drawing of the nationwide game. It was later revealed that the 18-year-old Juliette Lamour won CA$48 million. Interestingly enough, this was her first-ever lottery ticket and she will never forget it.

Source: Cooke, Alex “‘Life-changing’ $64M Lotto 6/49 Gold Ball ticket sold in N.B., a new record” Global News, April 17, 2023