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CasinoBonusCA Analyses Gambling Trends in Canada

This week, CasinoBonusCA has issued its latest analysis on the Canadian gambling sector, which explores trends among players and what are their preferred games of choice. In its study, the website’s experts discovered that slots are among the favourite games for players, as for instance 80% of gamblers between the age of 19 to 34 fancy them. conducted this analysis by obtaining data via a transparent internal audit and metric system regarding Canadian users’ gambling preferences. As slots are the most sought-after offerings in the 19 to 34 demographic, the websites’ data finds that lotteries, scratch tickets, bingo and table games are next in line for players.

Findings from the Audit

The findings from the analysis were presented by Joseph Havens who is one of the authors on the website with over 10 years of experience in the industry. The study found that bingo is preferred by 47% of players in the age group of 35 to 44. It seems that the offering is not only popular among seniors, as it is only selected by players 35+ especially online.

Furthermore, it was discovered that around 84% of players aged 45+ and over 50% of people aged 19 to 65+ prefer scratch tickets and lotteries. People tend to buy those as they do not require skill or strategy. Also, 85% of players aged 55 to 64 buy lottery entries. Those have become quite popular among older gamblers, as according to the analysis 65+ players fancy lotteries and bingo.

It also found that online gamblers are not that interested in table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, as those offerings are not that interactive in comparison to others. They also have a higher house edge in comparison to slots. Also, they have uncomplicated rules and limited variations which also account for their decrease in popularity among players.

CasinoBonusCA also discovered that despite the evolving gambling scene in Canada in the last few years, local gamblers and their preferences have not changed drastically in that time. Online slots continue to be the main form of attraction for players, meanwhile, lottery and scratch tickets have also remained products of players’ attention in the games of chance.

Ontario’s New Market

The Canadian gambling sector saw a major development in April 2022, when Ontario opened up its online market for casino and sports betting. Since then, the sector has gained major momentum and in its Q3 it reported CA$11.53 billion in total betting handle. This translated to CA$457 million in revenue and an average monthly spend of CA$167 for bettors.

Recently, Spin Genie Ontario issued a survey on the market. It finds that 43% of online players have been playing digitally for less than a year, while 24% joined the market in the past six months. Also, 28% of the online bettors, did not report using any of the websites or apps presented as options in the survey, which suggests that many residents are not aware of the legalization

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