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River Cree Resort and Casino Bolsters Security via Genetec

Located near Edmonton, Alberta, River Cree Resort and Casino has strengthened its security, surveillance, and compliance via a collaboration with Genetec Inc. The latter is a supplier of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions and has assisted the casino in its task of tightening security measures with a unified solution based on Genetec™ Security Center.

River Cree Resort and Casino is a casino, hotel, and entertainment property which is owned and operated by the Enoch Cree Nation and offers all kinds of premium services to its visitors. Every week, the resort welcomes approximately 45,000 guests and its profits are invested into social programs in the First Nation community.

Upping and Updating Security Efforts

Since the property analogy video system and access control systems have aged, its surveillance and security teams had to deal with constant device failures and performance issues, which was an obstacle in the security process. The casino has now selected a solution to enhance its security through a fully IP-based video surveillance system with Genetec Omnicast™ and Genetec Synergis™.

Via the collaboration with Genetec, the property will now have at its disposal 1150 cameras and 150 doors. Its fire alarm system is also connected to the system along with 25 DMP panic buttons on the unified platform. Now, surveillance and security staff will operate from a unified view of the casino from a central command center, which will ease the monitoring of the 49-acre resort.

In addition to the said upgrades, the property has also introduced further features and capabilities to simplify operations and enhance community collaboration. Meanwhile, Genetec Plan Manager, connects all cameras, doors, and sensors on a map of the property, hence, allowing operators to quickly locate where the current alarm notifications are coming from.

Also, the KiwiVision™ People Counter will aid with public health compliance, as a backup system to vet numbers from existing people counting solutions. Genetec Clearance™ is also integrated and is a digital evidence management system that simplifies and secures the process of sharing footage with law enforcement, insurance partners, and legal teams while protecting personal privacy.

More News from the Local Casino Sector

In October 2022, Bear Hills Casino and Travel Resort has officially broken ground and the new complex is expected to launch operations in late 2023. It is located on Queen Elizabeth II Highway, between Highways 611 and 613, and will come with a number of services and amenities, such as gambling options, a fancy restaurant, a gas station, an open-air amphitheatre-type area, and more.

Meanwhile, at the start of the current calendar year, VICI Properties announced that it will be expanding operations in Alberta. The company has purchased four casino properties from Pure Canadian Gaming Corporation to acquire four of its casino properties. The four establishments in question were Pure Casino Edmonton, Pure Casino Yellowhead, Pure Casino Calgary, and Pure Casino Lethbridge.

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