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Half of Ontarian Sports Bettors Plan to Wager on Super Bowl LVII

Ontario is strapping in for another thrilling Super Bowl on the weekend, and local sports bettors are eager to place their wagers on it. According to a survey by the Responsible Gaming Council, 49% of provincial sports bettors will bet on Super Bowl LVII. This year’s final is a special one, as it will be the first one since the introduction of the regulated online sports betting market.

Sunday’s final will see the clash between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, and it has the potential to be the largest wagering event in the history of Ontario’s digital sector. The market kicked off operations last April, and for the first time ever, local sports fans will have plenty of regulated online sportsbooks to choose from when placing their bets.

Findings from the Survey

RGC’s poll discovered that over 54% of Ontarian sports betting participants plan on placing a single bet on the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, a quarter of the respondents or 24% will wager on the outcome of the game by means of more than one sportsbook. Additionally, 46% of the surveyed intend on betting on the major sporting event with friends.

Further findings from the survey include that 41% of the respondents plan on wagering on the final via a legal sportsbook website. Then there 36% of the questioned will purchase a sport-based lottery ticket for the occasion. Meanwhile, 29% of the participants in the poll said that they will bet via a sports betting pool, and 20% will wager through the sportsbook with the best odds.

In addition to that, Ontarians responded to how much they plan to spend on Super Bowl wagering. Over 54% of the local sports betting fanatics project to place CA$50 or less on the game. Meanwhile, 26% of the respondents say they will bet between CA$50 and CA$100, and then there is 19% who plan on wagering CA$100 or more on the NFL clash.

Last but not least, the poll found that just nine out of 10 Ontarians who are consistent sports bettors believe that their sports knowledge gives them an advantage when placing wagers. In the meantime, seven out of 10 Ontario adults have faith in their sports expertise when it comes to wagers. Also, 38% of respondents say that they will use a pre-set wagering limit for the weekend.

Latest Market Numbers

Last month, iGaming Ontario issued its newest financial report on the market for its Q3 of operations. For Q3 the province recorded a stunning CA$11.53 billion in a total betting handle. This transformed into CA$457 million in gaming revenue. Meanwhile, there were approximately 910,000 active user accounts that had an average monthly spend of CA$167.

At the time the province had 36 operators and 68 websites up and running in the iGaming sector. But the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario continues to expand it, as in December the regulator licensed Ligtip Limited, Ellipse Entertainment Limited, and Delta iGaming Inc. Once they acquire an operating agreement from iGO they will be set to debut in the market.