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B.C. Players Cash Out CA$802M in Lottery Prizes Last Year

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has sent out another successful year in terms of lottery winnings in the Province of B.C. In its annual report, the Crown agency reveals that in 2022, local lottery players have cashed out over CA$802 million in prizes. Resulting in more than 100 million winning tickets sold at provincial retailers or online on

BCLC is responsible for offering lottery and gambling entertainment in the Province of B.C., via its activities the state-run organization generates more revenue for the local economy. Its proceeds are reinvested into healthcare, education, community groups and more. The corporation reminds everyone to play for fun and not to make money.

Winnings by Region

Throughout 2022, the BCLC has sold more than 100 million winning tickets at retailers or online on PlayNow. This resulted in some major winnings, such as West Kelowna’s Jennifer Cole one, which amounted to a CA$ 31-million Lotto Max jackpot. Ms. Cole’s winnings date from July 8, 2022, and to this day remains the largest lottery prize in the province won on PlayNow.

In its report, the Crown corporation reveals that the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley regions generated the largest portion of the CA$802 million in winnings with CA$382.1 million in prizes among players. The two regions saw a total of 45.3 million in sold winning tickets, and 48 of them were considered major prize-winnings, worth CA$500,000 or more.

Meanwhile, the Thompson Okanagan region has gathered the second-largest volume in lottery winnings from 2022 with a total volume of CA$226.2 million. This translates to 24.5 million in winning tickets purchased in the region, and 18 winners of prizes of CA$500,000 or more. Vancouver Island is next with CA$110.8 million in total winning, 17.6 million in winning tickets, and 8 grand winners.

Then there is the Northern B.C. region with over CA$58,4 million in paid prizes to locals and 9.3 million in winning tickets sold. There were 10 big winners of a CA$500,000 prize or more. Last was the Kootenay region just CA$24.4 million in total prize winnings to players and 4.1 million in winning tickets registered. The region had just 1 grand winner of CA$500,000 or more.

Reviewing 2022

In a recent interview, the CEO and President of BCLC, Pat Davis, reflected on the agency’s performance in 2022. The leader who recently assumed the position explained that his transition was wonderful. He also shared that he is pleased to be able to engage across the entire business and meet all employees, and several service providers last year.

Additionally, the CEO added that despite the continued growth in 2022, the corporation was delighted to see how quickly people adopted the online and digital BCLC platforms. He explained that 2022 continued the trend, and the company has even managed to build on its CA$1.3 billion return from last year. Thus providing additional funding to education, healthcare, and communities.

Source: “B.C. Lottery Players Win Big in 2022BCLC, January 3, 2023