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Ontarian Unable to Cash Out Jackpot Due to Lack of Photo ID

An Ontarian who won a hefty jackpot on a slot game in November 2022 is still unable to claim his winnings, confirm reports. Anthony Michael, from Welland, Ontario, won a sizeable payout in Casino Woodbine last month, however, he is still unable to claim his winnings, due to the lack of a photo ID. This has led to some frustration for the local man.

The Province of Ontario has mandated that anyone who wins more than CA$3,000 must present a government-issued photo ID to claim the money. This was introduced as a measure to prevent potential money laundering activities by criminals at the province’s casino. However, Mr. Michael does not have a photo ID because of health issues.

Unable to Cash it Out

In a recent interview, the winner reveals that he told Casino Woodbine that he wants to claim his winnings and never return there. His jackpot win dates back to November 18, 2022, when he stopped by the casino to play slots, and only after a few spins, the machine displayed that he won a jackpot of CA$4,133.50. And in his words, it felt great.

However, when he tried to obtain his prize, he was told that he must present a government-issued photo identification. The jackpot winner explains that he suffers from epilepsy since he was 15 years old. The 52 years old noted that this was the reason that he cannot drive, and does not have a driver’s license.

He is unhappy with the situation and claimed that such identification is not required when someone spends at the casino, but rather they have to present it when claiming winnings. He enquired about a photo ID, but it could take several months. The Welland local believes that he won the prize fair and wishes he could have the money now, so it can be used in the Christmas period.

The casino operator responded that all gaming properties in the province must abide by standards set by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. That is why the casino cannot make an exemption for the situation. Mr. Michael will have to apply for a photo ID and wait for its arrival. Meanwhile, his jackpot will be waiting for him.

Auditor General’s Findings

Recently, Ontario’s Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk issued her report on the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, which owns provincial casinos. She revealed that she ran a sting operation at four Ontario casinos in Greater Toronto Area, Niagara Falls, and Windsor. The mystery shoppers were tasked with probing the four casinos’ anti-money laundering measures, but two of the properties were successful in their measures.

In addition to that, in her report, the Auditor General reviewed OLG’s online casino offerings. She revealed that online sports betting on OLG’s platform is prospering, but, most of the players do not utilize its many responsible gambling features. They include setting time and spending limits on the platform, as a precaution against potential gambling harms.

Source: Foran, Pat “Ontario man denied jackpot because he doesn’t have photo ID” CTV News Toronto, December 20, 2022