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OLG Appoints New Senior VP, People and Culture

At the end of the last working week, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation reported that it will be strengthening its executive leadership presence in Sault Ste. Mari. This will be done by appointing Esther Zdolec, as the Crown agency’s Senior Vice President, People and Culture. Ms. Zdolec will take over the role from January 16, 2023, at the Sault Ste. Marie office.

Ms. Zdolec is more than qualified for the role, as she previously served as Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness and Human Resources at Fleming College, Peterborough. In the role, she was responsible for the full range of human resources and labour relations services for the institution. She also served as Executive VP, Human Resources at Infrastructure Ontario

 The Latest Addition

OLG’s President and CEO welcomed Ms. Zdolec to the organization. He shared that OLG is pleased with the appointment of the new VP, People and Culture, who will be operating from the wonderful community of Sault Ste. Marie. Her appointment comes on the back of the Crown’s commitment to strengthen its executive leadership presence in the community.

In addition to holding executive roles in both the public and private sectors, Ms. Zdolec has also worked as Vice President, Human Resources at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, and Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Candu Energy and SNC-Lavalin. Early in her career, she also served for the Crown in Sault Ste. Marie as Manager, Human Resources.

The OLG believes that Ms. Zdolec’s commitment to workplace culture, empowering and growing employees, and promoting diversity and inclusion, will prove vital for her new role. As one of the top senior employees in the office, she will help the Crown continue creating good local jobs by growing our workforce, partnering with organizations and businesses, and sponsoring community projects.

Ms. Zdolec herself shared that she is also delighted to rejoin OLG in her new role and that she is eager to return to its head office. She claimed that OLG has a great reputation as an employer and she is now looking forward to having a part in building the Crown’s winning culture at Sault Ste. Marie. The plan is to grow OLG’s talented workforce in the city.

The news about Ms. Zdolec’s appointment as Senior VP, People and Culture in Sault Ste. Marie arrive shortly after the mayor of the city, Matthew Shoemaker, urged that all OLG jobs should be in the city. commented that not having all OLG jobs at its main office in Sault, was irresponsible with taxpayer’s money and went a step backwards from the commitment the government has made in 1987.

Lottery Tickets Are Not for Kids

In the spirit of the upcoming winter holidays, the OLG recently reminded parents and adults from the province not to buy lottery tickets as presents for children and minors. The Crown agency cautioned that it is important for parents to understand that there are risks and impacts related to underage gambling. That is why it urged them to not gift lottery tickets to those under 18-year-olds.

Source: “OLG Strengthens Executive Leadership Presence in Sault Ste. MarieOLG, December 16, 2022