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CGA Assigns Board Members Ahead of New Strategic Plan

The Canadian Gaming Association, which has helped greatly in the advancement of Canada’s gambling industry, has made some new appointments. During its annual general meeting on December 7, 2022, the group announced that it will assign several new members to its Board of Directors as the organization prepares to execute its new strategic development plan.

As already stated, the CGA has had a major contribution to the recent boom in the Canadian gambling industry. For instance, the group was a major lobbyist for the introduction of single-event wagering in the country. Its legalization opened up tons of new potential, which led to the launch of the first-of-kind online gaming market for private operators in Ontario.

Welcoming the New Names

In its general meeting, the association announced that one of the newly signed members will be Mark Harper. He is the general manager of NS Sports, which is the parent firm of Covers, SBR, and ProSportsDaily. Bruce Caughill who is the managing director for Canada for Bet Rivers’ owner Rush Street Interactive, has also joined the board of directors.

In addition to that, Charmaine Hogan who is the head of regulatory affairs for Playtech, as well as, the general manager of FanDuel Canada, Dale Hooper has also been appointed. They will be joined by Niaz Nejad, the senior vice president and head of marketing for the U.S. and Canada at Aristocrat Gaming, and last but not least CEO of PointsBet Canada, Scott Vanderwel.

On Friday, the President of CGA, Paul Burns, shared that in the fall of 2022, the group conducted some surveys and organized focus groups to hear input and prepare for its strategic plan. Some of the topics they wanted to hear about the general support for the future direction of the association as well as recognition of the rapid growth in the local gaming industry.

The association admits that Ontario’s iGaming market has been keeping busy for a while and has taken most of its focus. That is why the group plans to put its efforts into other parts of the country. Lastly, Mr. Burn commented that the organization’s new board will be able to have the final word on the strategic plan for the future early in the New Year.

More CGA Highlights

Earlier this year, the Canadian Gaming Association upped its efforts against corrupt activities in the industry. This was done by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with International Betting Integrity Association. Through this partnership, the association aims to establish a framework with IBIA to protect the Canadian gaming industry.

It should also be noted that CGA’s efforts of enhancing the gambling industry of Canada did not remain unnoticed. In July, its President and CEO, Mr. Burns was inducted into the SBC’s Sports Betting Hall of Fame. The award was for his contributions to the Ontario iGaming market as well as the creation of many industry-wide research and programs, including a study on the economic impact of gambling in the country.