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BCLC Requests Social Purpose Marketing Report from Forrester

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation seeks to add even more social value across its gambling and lottery operations in the Province of B.C. That is why the Crown corporation has entrusted Forrester Consulting to conduct a report on how other social purpose organizations are rendering their purpose into marketing strategies and practices.

BCLC is a state-run agency that offers fun and responsible regulated gambling and lottery products in the Province of British Columbia. All of the Crown corporation’s proceeds are reinvested into healthcare, education, or community groups and organizations. This year, the Crown is upping its efforts to build on its social purpose bring more benefits to the province.

Final Report is Out

In recent times, most consumers are now buying products or services on belief and seeking a stronger connection with brands more than ever before. That is why it is essential for BCLC to fundamentally change its way of presenting its brand. The Crown’s idea is to understand and study how other leading purpose-driven enterprises have made this shift from traditional marketing and embraced social purpose at every level.

For its tasks, Forrester surveyed two groups of individuals on their experiences articulating and operationalizing social purpose and how it has affected marketing strategy and practices. According to the company, these groups included 11 marketing leaders in organizations that have a clear social purpose and four academic experts on social purpose organizations in the UK, U.S. and Canada.

Forrester’s final report named Marketing on Purpose: What Marketing Looks Like in the Purpose-Driven Enterprise gives the BCLC a total of eight recommendations. Some of them include marketing to influence behaviour, not values, another one is to be transparent at every step in the process – both internally and externally. And for the BCLC, to be consistent with promises and actions.

BCLC’s Chief Social Purpose Officer and Vice President, Player Experience. Peter ter Weeme, commented that the report reminds the Crown that effective social purpose marketing is a long-term commitment. He added that the recommendations will enable the BCLC to bolster its way of telling its stories and reaching audiences, thus further advancing the social purpose community.

FY 2021-2022 Report

In September, the Crown agency posted its financial report for its 2021/2022 fiscal year. For the entirety of the FY, BCLC disclosed revenue of CA$2.362 billion and a net income of CA$$1.314 billion. The net income figure is substantially higher than the CA$430 million from the previous financial year when casino properties had to close down for a major portion of it.

Also, the BCLC used the return of the regular NFL season to remind its local bettors, that its online platform PlayNow is the only regulated website in the province. The Crown reminded that, unlike offshore websites, its PlayNow comes with strict requirements to make sure that players are safe and secure in their online gambling activities.

Source: “BCLC Commissions Forrester Consulting to Create Social Purpose Marketing ReportBCLC, November 10, 2022