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Toronto Man Cashes Out CA$5M Lotto 6/49 Jackpot

Another Canadian resident has won big via the new and improved version of the widely popular Lotto 6/49, revealed by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. This week, the Crown corporation awarded a cheque worth CA$5,000,000 to 43-year-old Marlon Llido. The North York local has been playing the lottery for over 12 years and now his luck has finally paid off.

Lotto 6/49 kicked off its new rules in September this year, and the new version comes with two hefty multi-million main prizes. The first one is a guaranteed CA$5 million, awarded at every drawing. The other is the Gold Ball, which also utilizes a guaranteed prize. It starts at CA$10 million and can accumulate toward the massive CA$60 million mark.

Total Winnings of CA$5,000,030

At an OLG centre, Mr. Llido shared that he started playing the lottery when he arrived in the country more than 12 years ago. And by using important family dates as his numbers, he won the amazing CA$5 million windfall in the October 5 classic draw of Lotto 6/49. He also won CA$28 on another 6/49 selection and CA$2 on Encore, bringing his total winnings to CA$5,000,030.

The winner shared that he plays by using number combinations based on important family dates. He says that on Thanksgiving Day he scanned his ticket for the October 5 draw only to see that he has won a CA5,000 prize. However, by showing it to his wife, she pointed out to him that it was in fact CA$5,000,000 not CA$5,000.

Mr. Llido explained that they had to scan the ticket several times just to make sure that the winning number was correct and recounted the zeroes numerous times. He shared that it was an emotional experience for their family as the two realized how much this amount of money would benefit their family. He said that they always dreamt of winning big and often joked that CA$5 million would be the perfect prize.

Lastly, the winner said that he will take some time to think about what will he do with the windfall, but pointed out that his children’s future will be a top priority. He also plans to take his family on a well-deserved trip to celebrate the joyous occasion. According to the OLG, his winning ticket was purchased at Circle K on Finch Avenue in North York.

First Gold Ball Winner

Most recently, Lotto 6/49 saw the winner of its first Gold Ball jackpot. Due to safety concerns, the name of the winner is still a mystery, however, provincial lotteries confirmed that the winning ticket resides somewhere in Quebec. The winner now has up to 52 weeks to contact the provincial lottery and claim their life-changing CA$36 million jackpot.

As every year, 2022 has also witnessed some major cash prize being won across Canada in Lotto 6/49. For instance, back in the summer the OLG reported that Stephen Dixon from Scarborough has won the whooping CA$20 million. The 70-year-old winner shared that he has been playing the game using the same number combination for over 36 years and now his luck paid off big time.

Source: Rocca, Ryan “Significant family dates the key to $5M lottery prize for Toronto man”, GlobalNews, November 7, 2022