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Ontario Kick-Starts Gambling Awareness Campaign

This month, Ontario’s Responsible Gaming Council will be launching a brand-new campaign to raise awareness about the potential harms of gambling. With the rapid expansion of the land-based and online casino industry in the province, the organization believes that local gamblers should be familiar with the possible downsides of playing casino and lottery games and protect their player base.


Over the last year or so, Ontario’s gaming industry has undergone a massive expansion. Starting from the legalization of single-event betting from the federal government in August 2021, to the opening of its online casino market for private operators in April 2022. That is why the organization is advancing its efforts of protecting Ontarians in their gambling activities.

Raising More Awareness

Ontario’s Responsible Gaming Council has developed a ‘Casino Exclusion List’, which is one of its many campaigns to raise awareness about the negative effects of gambling. It focuses on educating people about the risks of gambling and how online casino use can lead to addiction. It was introduced last month, and its objective is to educate as many people as possible.

And just recently, the organization kick-started Mindfulness Before Gaming, which aims to teach Ontarian bettors to have a strategy before taking up gambling. As already mentioned, the ad comes after the country has drastically increased its gaming offerings, as the federal government decriminalized single-event betting and Ontario opened its private iGaming market. The latter has already approved dozens of operators and websites to operate in the province.

A study which gathered information from 5,000 Canadian gamblers discovered that only half of them would stop gambling if they became intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Bettors between the age of 18 to 24 are at higher risk of having false gambling beliefs. For instance, waiting on random results to happen after a long time, betting to win back losses, and looking for certain games with alleged patterns to increase the chance of winning.

This new ad targets locals between the age of 35 and 55, and it will air in the upcoming months and run until mid-February next year. It will be broadcasted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and theScore app, as well as arrive as audio ads on Spotify. There’s also a website for the program,, where bettors can find useful information.

FanDuel’s Efforts

FanDuel which is one of the numerous gaming operators that has entered Ontario’s regulated iGaming market also takes great care of providing protection for players. Shortly after its launch in the province, the operator stated it plans to base its marketing on responsible gambling. The company even had a responsible gaming ad aired on local TV.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, which prior to the opening of the iGaming market was the only legal option for online gambling in the province, has also upped its efforts in player protection. Just recently, it revamped its “My PlayBreak”, which now offers more options for bettors who experience harmful gambling habits and it is available online and on its retail casino properties.

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