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Flutter Ent. Greenlights New RGC Study in Canada

Flutter Entertainment, which is one of the leading brands in the gambling industry, has recently announced that it will provide funds for an innovative baseline study. The funds will be delivered to the Responsible Gambling Council in Canada, and the research will examine marketing and advertising standards for gaming operators and regulators in the industry.

The proposed study will be conducted by specialists from the RGC’s Centre for the Advancement of Best Practices or also known as CABP. And according to the organization, the multi-layered independent study will explore the marketing and advertising global landscape and provide policy recommendations to address key gaming jurisdictions such as Ontario and New Jersey.

Coming Early 2024

The study funded by Flutter Entertainment will have a completion date scheduled for early 2024, and it will review and assess evidence featuring the best-practice potential for responsible marketing and advertising practices. In addition to that, it will also research insights from gambling regulators and operators, which would help to discover new options for quality improvement.

Shelley White, Chief Executive Officer at RGC, commented that through the research the organization will be able to make necessary changes to Ontario’s marketing and advertising standards for gaming operators. But she also believes that the study will also benefit the harm minimization efforts of many gambling jurisdictions from all around the globe.

Ms. White continued by saying that the comprehensive study will highlight the culture shift in the industry and that by leveraging the council’s partners, the RGC will be able to advance player protections. A while back she stated that using player data could be key for developing Ontario’s responsible gambling practices as the market reaches maturity.

George Sweny, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Flutter International, said that the company has noticed the possibility of providing cutting-edge thought leadership to the industry via research. In his words, there is a need to better comprehend the impacts of increased marketing on all stakeholders. He believes that it will help of eliminating the gap between best and better practices in the industry.

Raising Awareness

At the start of 2022, the Responsible Gambling Council launched a new awareness campaign branded “Mindfulness Before Gambling.” The purpose of this initiative was to educate Ontario gamblers on the importance of having a plan before committing to gambling and it targeted residents between the age of 35 to 55. It was aired on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and theScore app.

A study released in June this year suggested that young and highly-educated males are much more vulnerable to problem gambling conditions. On this matter, Ms. White indicated that sports wagers come with a certain risk as many bettors have the illusion of control. In her words, another issue is the fact many gamblers tend to drink alcohol or use substances when wagering, which can cloud one’s judgment.

Source: Porter, Conor “Flutter funds RGC study on responsible marketing & advertising”, SBC Americas, August 9, 2022