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Car Deliberately Hit Casino Worker on a Strike

Unifor Local 1090 recently made an announcement that the last days of July witnessed a concerning occurrence. A member of the union that has been on a strike at the time was struck bu a moving vehicle. As the labor union confirmed, this happened deliberately and before Casino Woodbine in Toronto.

Casino workers that have been unionized have been striking for quite a while now. Ever since July 23, 2022, unionised casino workers at Great Canadian Gaming Corporation’s Pickering Casino Resort and Ajax Casino have been on the picket line seeking better working conditions that correspond to their daily workload.

Casino Strike

The main goal of this strike is an overall salary increase and a reduction of the employer’s reliance on a precarious part-time workforce. Casino Woodbine was also a location where the picket line was placed. As it was confirmed by the labor union, one of the casino workers was struck by a moving car on purpose.

The individual had to be brought to hospital in an ambulance, as he suffered a concussion requiring stitches and a broken ankle. The casino worker is currently recovering at home. It should be noted that Great Canadian Gaming Corporation‘s contract security officials initially refused to provide the police officers with the video of the said vehicular assault. A notable fact is that Casino Woodbine welcomed the driver for hours after the incident.

Unifor Local 1090 made it clear that this is not the first time when a unionized casino member has been struck at a picket line. The labor union pointed out that striking casino workers have the right to be safe while they demand better working conditions.

More Details

As many as ten of Unifor’s bargaining teams are in discussion with Great Canadian Gaming Corporation over a new collective contract. This also includes the one who represents thousands of workers from the three Durham casinos. Last week, Rob Bicknell, a trustee with Unifor Local 1090, said that the union is in active negotiations and that discussions are not at a standstill.

Mr. Bicknell, who is also union chair of the Scugog Island casino said that the union is optimistic that an agreement can be found. He also indicated that neither of the sides wants to escalate to a stoppage of work. According to him, Unifor Local 1090 has unionized 226 employees at Great Blue Heron Casino and over 800 at Casino Ajax and Pickering Casino Resort.

The labor union also made it clear that it seeks a position from the casino operator overseeing the casino locations. According to Unifor Local 1090, Great Canadian Casino Corporation should condemn the vehicular assault on its employee. The labor union also reminded casino enthusiasts they should be patient during the labour dispute and respect the striking individuals around the casino venues.

Source: “Unifor statement regarding member struck by a car at Casino“, Cision, August 1, 2022