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BCLC Touts Fresh New President & CEO

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is ready for a new era of its development and overall operation. This would happen easily with the recent appointment of the new President and Chief Exexutive Officer. Pat Davis is the new appointment announced by the Board of Directors and he is about to commence working on August 4, 2022.

The BCLC is an agency that regulates all legal gambling and lottery activities in the province of British Columbia. It is headquartered in Kamloops, and all revenue from its gaming proceeds is reinvested into the province’s infrastructure, communities, education, and healthcare. Revenue from its online platform PlayNow is also reinvested into the province’s economy.

New President and CEO

British Columbia Lottery Corporation Board Chair Greg Moore pointed out that Mr. Davis is the right person for this position and he would be the breath of fresh air the corporation needs. He aims to introduce his experience to the Crown corporation and improve the overall player experience.

It should be noted that the upcoming President and Chief Exexutive Officer has as many as twenty years of experience within the gambling field of Canada. Up until this point, Mr. Davis served as British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s Chief Information Officer and Vise President Business Technology. His main focus over the past few years was to modernize the digital presence the Crown corporation has within British Columbia.

Online gaming is the way to go over the past few years, as more people discovered just how convenient it could be. At the beginning of this year, Mr. Moore pointed out that the next President and Chief Exexutive Officer after Jim Lightbody would have to have specific strong points. In his words, the new chief must be active and involved similar to the former one, as well as to live in Kamloops in closest proximity to the Crown corporation’s headquarters.

Background Information

What should also be noted about the new leading figure of the Crown corporation is that he also has an experience in enterprise architecture and program management. He is a certified Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute and is certified as a Chartered Director from the Directors College. He is also a member of the Chief Information Officer Council of British Columbia.

Mr. Davis is also on the Thompson Rivers University advisory committee linked to software engineering program. He is also born and raised in Kamloops, making his relocation to the new position easier than ever. He would remain working at the premium Kamloops head office of the Crown corporation.

Now let’s take a look at the previous individuals who have taken this position. Lynda Cavanaugh has been Interim President and Chief Exexutive Officer since January 2021. She took on the role from Greg Moore who was appointed Interim President and Chief Exexutive Officer in September 2019 when former President and Chief Exexutive Officer Jim Lightbody went on medical leave. Lightbody subsequently stepped down in December 2021.

Source: “BCLC Announces New President & CEO“,, August 1, 2022