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BCLC Informs Public of Scratch Ticket Bug

British Columbia Lottery Corporation informed the public that there has been a problem with its new CA$3 Road to Riches Scratch & Win products. According to the Crown agency, there has been a bug in a system that validates whether a ticket is a winning one or not on launch. That is why the Crown advises everyone to double-check their tickets.

The BCLC is a state-run agency that oversees and manages all regulated lottery and gambling activities for the Province of B.C. On its digital PlayNow platform, the Crown organization offers iLottery, iGaming, and online sports betting. All of the corporation’s proceeds are reinvested into the provincial coffers. The Crown vows transparency and integrity and it has apologized for the scratch game issue.

503 Affected Tickets

BCLC launched its CA$3 Road to Riches Scratch & Win game on June 6, 2022, and on the next day informed that there has been an error in its system. According to the Crown, due to the issue, the system did not properly display if a ticket is winning one or not. That is why the corporation urges everyone who purchased a ticket on an opening day, to double-check it.

According to the Crown, in total, British Columbians checked approximately 1,898 CA$3 Road to Riches Scratch & Win tickets on the day of the launch at retail locations or through its Lotto! app. Out of those 1,898 tickets, 503 were winning ones but it displayed a non-winner message. However, the problem has been resolved by the Crown entity.

Of the 503 winning tickets, approximately 83% of them were winning one of CA$3 to CA$15 prizes, and 15% were for free-lay tickets. Seven were eligible for CA$20 prizes, two of them were worth CA$30 and only one was worth CA$100. The Crown started to review ticket validations on the game after a player contacted it about a ticket displaying a “not a winner” on a terminal, despite the scratched symbols showing a prize.

The Crown corporation resolved the issue at around 5 a.m. on June 7, 2022, and after testing it confirmed that validations for the game work as intended. In addition to that, the BCLC reported that no other ticket was affected by the validation bug on its gaming system. The Crown is now reviewing the matter so similar issues can be avoided in the future.

Partnering Up with SIGA

Also, on Monday, June 6, 2022, the Crown agency and the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority announced that the BCLC will develop Manitoba’s new iGaming and online sports betting platform. BCLC’s PlayNow platform will be specifically customized for the Saskatchewan market, and it is set to include numerous verticals including the recently legalized single-game wagering product.

Corporate Knights Report

In addition to that, back in March the BCLC was recognized for its exceptional social services and contributions to the Province of B.C by Corporate Knights. The corporation received a platinum rating in Corporate Knights’ inaugural social purpose report titled The Social Purpose Transition Pathway: Helping companies move from “say” to “do.”

Source: “BCLC Advises $3 Road to Riches Scratch & Win Players to Re-Check Tickets Following System Error”, BCLC, June 7, 2022