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CGA Rejoices Over Ontario’s Gaming Expansion

This week marks an important milestone for Ontario’s and Canada’s gaming industry as a whole as the province launched its competitive iGaming and online sports wagering market. The Canadian Gaming Association, which has been a prominent supporter of the expansion is now celebrating the occasion as Ontario gamblers have access to safe and regulated online casino and sports betting options.

The Canadian Gaming Association or CGA is a non-profit organization that helps advance Canada’s gambling industry. Its priority is to promote the economic value of the gaming sector in the country, as well as to conduct research and implement innovations to advance the industry. And now the organization rejoices over Ontario’s new and regulated market.

Now Up and Running

On Monday, the day of the launch of the market, the CGA issued a statement that said that the introduction of the new regime allows the province to reset its priorities for its gaming industry. The organization also believes that the new market encourages competition while in the meantime incentivizing capital investment, job creation, and last but not least economic growth.

President and CEO of the non-profit organization, Paul Burns shared that the CGA backs Ontario’s government plan for the iGaming model: to create a competitive online market and keep local gamblers safe. He indicated that as of this Monday there is no more grey market in the province, and with the new regulations, it will be able to deal with unlicensed operators.

Ontario is Canada’s most populous province and it is home to a growing digital technology sector, accompanied by a highly trained and multi-lingual workforce, strong capital markets, and a competitive tax climate. All of these factors make the province an attractive location for online gaming operators. And the new market could be used to encourage more companies to invest in the region.

The association believes that it is of utmost importance to have a proper framework, tools, and level playing field for land-based casino operators. As brick-and-mortar facilities are currently recovering from previous closures, the CGA believes that they also need to benefit from the online gaming expansion. This way they will be able to diversify their gaming options while delivering the best possible experience for patrons.

A Sample of the Licensed Operators

Ontarian gamblers and bettors now have plenty of variety when it comes to online gaming offerings. So far, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has licensed more than 25 operators to join the sector. This includes leading sportsbook operator Bet365, which has now transitioned from the grey sector to the regulated one. The company offers the same options as before but as a regulated operator now.

Kindred Group’s Unibet is also among the gaming entities that have gained access to the province’s regulated market. As the market is now live, the company’s Unibet Sportsbook and iGaming products are now available to local gamblers online on These premium gaming options are also available by downloading the official apps for iOS and Android devices from their respective markets.

Source: “Canadian Gaming Association Celebrates Launch of Ontario’s Regulated iGaming Market”, Canadian Gaming Association, April 4, 2022