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Canada Revamps the Classic Lotto 6/49 Game

This year, Canadian lotteries will celebrate 40 tremendous years of offering the fan-favorite Lotto 6/49 game to its locals. That is why, the country has decided to make some alterations to the draw-based game, so it becomes even more appealing to lottery fans from all around the land. The new and improved version will come with the attractive two multi-million dollar jackpots every round.

Since its official launch in 1982, Lotto 6/49 has generated more than CA$65 billion in sales for the country, while in the meantime paying out more than CA$32 billion in cash prizes to thousands of players from the provinces. In addition to that, it has also provided billions of Canadian dollars for priority programs and essential services in each province and territory in the country.

Coming This September

In September 2022, Lotto 6/49 will have a new set of rules, as the main draw will be then known as the Classic Draw. It will offer a CA$5 million jackpot on every round. The Guaranteed Prize will now transform into the Gold Ball Jackpot, which will still offer a guaranteed prize to one lucky winner, who will either win this prize or the growing jackpot.

This new growing jackpot will start at CA$10 million and can reach the mind-blowing CA$60 million. The lotteries believe that the changes to the game would generate more excitement for participants while also keeping elements from the current version, which players know and love. In the meantime, ticket prices will still remain the same price of CA$3.

Despite the changes in the game, players would still be able to purchase tickets in the way they used to do, either at a lottery retailer or online on one of the provincially regulated online platforms such,,, or Odds for winning any of the prizes from the Classic draw will remain the same at 1 in 6.6 per CA$3 play.

In addition to that, participants will be also able to either select their own six-number combination from 1 to 49, or choose to play Insta Pick, and receive a 10-digit number with every play. The first draw of the revamped Lotto 6/49 will take place on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, while tickets for the new version go on sale on Sunday, September 11, 2022.

Some of the Winners

Even in its current form, Lotto 6/49 remains quite popular and generous to its fans. As in November last year, Sagita Narayan from Edmonton, Alberta has won the amazing CA$16.5 million from the game. Ms. Narayan’s life has certainly changed for the better thanks to her participation in the game, as her numbers 2, 7, 18, 19, 23, and 25 were drawn as the lucky ones in the November 10, 2021 draw.

Some more recent examples of more major Lotto 6/49 wins are from January this year, as according to the OLG, a Barrie resident has won the whooping CA$36.4 million. The name of the winner is not currently known, but their ticket was drawn as the sole winner of the jackpot for the January 10, 2022 draw. But they have up to 52 weeks to contact the Crown corporation and claim their hefty prize.

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