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Oakville Local Cashes in Hefty Lotto Max Prize

On Friday, Ontario learned the name of the latest lottery millionaire from the province. Gary Myles from Oakville is now ready to enjoy financial freedom after his ticket was drawn as the winning one for a Lotto Max prize from a January 2022 draw. The father of two, who works in IT shared that he screamed in joy after discovering his life-changing win.

Lotto Max is one of the most popular lottery games in Canada, offered in retail locations and online on provincially run websites such as Every year, Ontarians win hundreds of millions from the game, which can offer a life-changing main prize of up to CA$70,000,000. Once the prize reaches CA$50 million, it also offers several Maxmillion prizes each CA$1,000,000.

Life-Changing Money

Last week, Mr. Myles turned up at an OLG prize centre to cash out his Lotto Max prize, which he won in a January 18 round of the nationwide draw-based game. He is now CA$22,000,000 richer, and the IT specialist reveals that he screamed in joy after discovering the size of his winning. He also found out about it on the day his wife was celebrating her birthday.

The winner said that after he received an email from the OLG he initially read that he got a CA$22 plus one free play, but then he thought it was CA$22,000, only to find out that there are three more zeroes after that. After that, he told his wife to take a look at a birthday gift, and it took her quite some time to realize that her husband has actually won CA$22,000,000.

The Oakville local and father of two said that he has been a regular lottery player for 20 years now, and he signed up for a lottery subscription since he forgot to buy tickets a few times. In his words, the prize is a life-changing one that enables options that he never considered before. With the money, he intends to do some good for his family.

Speaking of the Lotto Max game, on Friday, the draw for the game did not find a winner for its current jackpot. After being recently acquired the prize stood at the hefty amount of CA$10,000,000, however, no ticket from the Canadian provinces managed to match the winning numbers. For the next draw on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, the main prize will climb to CA$15 million.

Looking for Tuesday’s Winner

As already mentioned, Canada had one more recent winner of a Lotto Max prize. Last Tuesday’s, February 15 round determined that the jackpot has gone to a Saskatchewan ticket holder. The ticket is worth CA$20 million, and Western Canada Lottery Corporation is now looking for its winner. The winning combination for the draw was 19, 26, 28, 36, 40, 42, 48, and 6 as a bonus number.

CA$36 million Ticket Still Unclaimed

Recently, the OLG issued a statement to remind lottery players from the province, that a CA$36 million jackpot is still not acquired. This winning was recorded by a ticket holder from Barrie, Ontario, however, they are yet to contact the Crown agency to claim their prize. The winner has a deadline of 52 weeks to do so.

Source: Mitchell, Don “Oakville man wins $22 million in January Lotto Max draw”, Global News, February 18, 2022