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PointsBet Canada Switches Focus on Alberta

PointsBet continues to seek Canadian expansion after the company reported interest in Alberta’s online sports betting field. The sub-division of PointsBet has once again demonstrated its commitment to the country’s gaming sector, as it now wishes to explore the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, as a possible expansion for its online wagering activities.

PointsBet is an Australian online betting company, which is a major player in the U.S. and international gaming sectors. Through the year, the corporation has manufactured a major premium cloud-based wagering platform, through which it offers sports and racing betting offerings, advance deposit wagering on racing and iGaming products.

Numerous Benefits

PointsBet Canada is willing to explore Alberta’s market due to their big sports fan base and business-friendly environments, such as competitive tax rates and diverse workforce. Additionally, the company’s unique way of using its own technology and not using one from a third party, thus allowing investment, operations, and jobs to remain in the Canadian province.

CEO of PointsBet Canada, Scott Vanderwel, shared that the company’s mission is to create a Canadian sportsbook with local employees from the local market. He believes that the province has the potential and talent of a high-skilled workforce that can help the company to help the firm establish itself as the top sports betting brand in the market.

Mr. Vanderwel has also said that besides the economic growth created by the iGaming workforce, the province will have a greater economic opportunity if it decides to open a regulated and competitive iGaming market, similar to the Ontario one. In his words, by doing so the jurisdiction would establish a level-playing field in responsible and regulated gaming for local fans.

Rick Christiaanse, CEO, Invest Alberta, commented that the province’s competitive business field, talent pipeline, and unique infrastructure continue to elevate it as an international tech hub. He also shared that their recent MOU with PointsBet Canada will further support the bookmaker on its investment journey in Alberta as a possible destination for high-impact investment.

One Step Closer

In December last year, Alberta revealed that the province is willing to create sports betting market besides its provincially regulated offerings. However, the province’s model differs from Ontario’s open market, as only two sportsbooks will be able to operate in the regulated market. Hence, not all operators eyeing a launch would be able to do so.

Shortly, after the announcement, Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis started its Request for Proposals from a gambling brand that would like to be one of the two licensed sportsbooks. The Crown corporation is hopeful that the newly legalized sports betting market will be able to draw away gamblers from unprotected offshore websites and keep revenue flowing into the province, instead of being poured out of it.

Source: “PointsBet Canada eyes Alberta as a potential centre for online gaming innovation”, GlobeNewswire, February 11, 2022