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ALC Presents its Latest Scratch ‘n Win Promo

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation has now introduced a brand-new Scratch ‘n Win ticket concept to its many players. The new product is titled Retro Combo 3 in 1, and it combines several popular board games in one exciting ticket. It costs CA$10 and allows lottery fans the opportunity of winning many cash prizes, including CA$100,000 as the grand one.

The ALC is a state-run agency that oversees gambling and lottery offerings for the Atlantic provinces of Canada. Its objective is to offer gambling services at land-based retailers and online in a safe and regulated manner while using the proceeds from gambling activities to support the region. The corporation’s official platform is

Now on Sale

The Crown agency’s new offering Retro Combo 3 in 1 combines three fan-favorite board games that can be found in many households – Scrabble, Connect 4, and Yahtzee. The idea behind this new concept is to make players feel the nostalgic but real connection to their childhood when they used to play these kinds of games.

Brigitte Porelle Bourque, who is Product Manager at the ALC commented that board games are usually quite nostalgic for lottery fans. In her words, giving players the option to play three different kinds of games on one ticket will attract more interest in the product. He explains that the idea is to make Scratch ‘n Win tickets more appealing to new audiences.

In the Scrabble segment, players must first scratch the ticket off to reveal all twelve letters in the section Your Letters SCRABBLE. For each letter revealed, they will have to scratch the same one in the WORDS. By discovering a whole word, they will win the corresponding prize. While playing Connect 4, players must scratch each row, and look for identical consecutive symbols to win a prize.

And last but not least is the Yahtzee segment. Here participants must scratch off each ROLL completely. If in the ROLLS 1 to 6, they stumble across one of the winning combinations, they will win the corresponding prize, which is described in the legend. Winning combinations can be 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, a full house of a kind, small and large straight, and Yahtzee.

Secured Partnerships

In order to keep its online content fresh and up-to-date, the ALC has signed a new content distribution deal with NeoPollard Interactive, which is a subsidiary of Pollard Banknote. The deal was announced this month, and the provider will supply the Crown corporation’s with content for the next five years. There is also an option of renewal.

At the end of 2021, the ALC has also inked a collaboration with Everi Holdings Inc.’s division, Everi Digital. Through the agreement, the latter will provide iGaming casino titles to the Crown. The provider has an impressive portfolio of more than 50 world-class iCasino titles. Some of the company’s top-performing titles such as Atomic Meltdown™ and El Dorado the Lost City® were among the first integrated onto the website.

Source: “ALC Rolls the Dice on a $10 Retro Combo 3 in 1 Scratch ‘n Win”, La Fleur’s, January 27, 2022