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PointsBet and FanDuel on Ontario iGaming Approach

Leading Gaming industry brands such as FanDuel and PointsBet have most recently shared some of their strategies and ideas on how to successfully reap the rewards of Ontario’s new iGaming market. The competition in the market that is expected to open in the coming weeks is going to be a fierce one as numerous other gambling operators applied for a license.

Ontario’s open iGaming market for private operators is considered one of immense potential due to its population of 15 million residents and their betting activity. On Saturday, CCO of PointsBet Canada Nic Sulsky and Senior Growth Director of FanDuel, Conor Murray, took part in an online podium on sports betting hosted by Western University.

Plans and Ideas

During the hour-long conversation, Mr. Murray from FanDuel shared some of the company’s strategies to cement its place as a top brand in the market. He said that the corporation is globally known as a sportsbook in the U.S. and this is both advantage and disadvantage, as it would have to establish local authenticity. He believes that the company must treat Canada differently from its U.S. approach.

Mr. Murray made it clear that the company’s plan is to make sporting moments more engaging and entertaining for fans. He gave an example, such as placing a CA$5 same-game parlay while watching the Toronto Raptors, on placing the wager on Fred VanVleet to score four or more three-pointers. Then bettors would be much more invested in the game as they would pay close attention to the events.

PointsBet Canada is the official sports betting partner of NBC Sports, and according to its CCO Mr. Sulsky, it needs a more targeted approach as it does not rely on the same budget as FanDuel. He says that the company will have to outthink its competitors as it will be impossible to outspend them. One thing he brought from his previous company was building an engaging brand that would help the company stand out.

Additionally, he believes that PointsBet must build an authentic connection to fans and that it means to be a Canadian sports fan. He also reckons that the company has an advantage over its rivals since it controls and owns its entire tech stack. The firm is focused on providing leading in-game play technology as one of its main attractions for new audiences.

One More Competitor

Back in November last year, FansUnite emerged as one more competitor of being a major sports and iGaming brand in Ontario’s new regulated framework. The company formally submitted its application to become a fully registered gaming-related supplier to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. FansUnite already operates in the UK and Malta, and it is looking to debut on its home turf – Canada, by acquiring a license.

Possible Disadvantage

Recently, a study conducted for Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, conducted by HLT Advisory Inc., suggested that the online expansion of Ontario could be bad news for land-based casinos. According to the report, the open iGaming market could cost the brick-and-mortar gaming industry over CA$2.8 billion in losses, as many gamblers would turn to the online offerings.