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CA$50-Million Lotto Max Prize Goes to Saskatoon

The Lotto Max jackpot was in a several draw accumulation process, as for several weeks no one from the country managed to claim it. However, this changed with last Friday’s January 7, 2022, round for the game determined that one ticket holder from Saskatoon is now CA$50,000,000 richer. The winner will have up to 52 weeks to claim their life-changing prize.

Every week, there are two draws where Canadian lottery players can win prizes from Lotto Max. The game has grown quite popular in the country, as it can offer a jackpot worth in the seven digits as the maximum amount is CA$70,000,000. Depending on the main prize’s size, draws can also award several Maxmillion prizes each worth the stunning CA$1,000,000.

More Than CA$50 Million Paid Out

Last Friday’s draw finally assigned a winning ticket to the Lotto Max’s jackpot. The seven winning numbers were 04, 05, 31, 39, 42, 45, and 50, and they were perfectly matched by ticket from Saskatoon. As of right now, due to safety concerns, the exact location of the winning ticket has not been confirmed. It will be later announced, once the winner claims their CA$50 million prize.

Additionally, the Friday draw has paid out a secondary prize to two ticket holders, one from Ontario, and the other residing in the Atlantic provinces. By correctly guessing six of the seven winning numbers the two ticket holders will split a prize worth CA$533,748.30. Also, two Maxmillion prizes came along with the Friday draw but they were not claimed.

Previously, the Province of Saskatchewan witnessed one more major lottery payout as Matthew Poppels claimed his CA$55,000,000 cheque from Lotto Max. Mr. Poppels’ ticket turned out to be the winning one in the October 19 2021 draw of the fan-favorite game. He did not lose any time to collect his major winnings, as it took him only eight days.

B.C. Informs of Two More Winners

Last week, British Columbia revealed two more big lottery winners from the province. The first one was the Surrey couple Arthur and Margaret Lyon. The winning is a quite special one, as they discovered about their win on their anniversary. The pair has won CA$1 million, from a Lotto 6/49 draw that dates back to November last year.

Also, the BCLC informs that Susan Dyson from Vancouver is another winner of a Guaranteed CA$1 million prize from Lotto 6/49. Her ticket was selected as the winning one during the New Year’s Day draw of the game. She shared that she does not play the lotto often but she gets a few tickets when the jackpot hits big numbers.

Ontario’s Recent Millionaires

At the start of this year, the OLG reported that former couple Elizabeth Lumbo and Arlene Lumbo, from Toronto, have won a CA$44 million jackpot from Lotto Max. The two former partners who are now good friends got lucky in the July 20 draw of the game last year and now will split the main prize evenly with each receiving CA$22,011,636.

Source: Skjerven, Kelly “$50M Lotto Max winner from Saskatoon”, Global News, January 9, 2022