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August Lotto 6/49 Winner Finally Revealed

Western Canadian Lottery Corporation and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries have now confirmed that August 14, 2021, Lotto 6/49 jackpot has been won by a Manitoba local. The name of the winner is Jeff Morton, and he had the winning ticket on a shelf at home, before scanning it this month at a retailer. Thanks to the draw he is now CA$10,000,0000 richer.

Lotto 6/49 is a nationwide lottery game in Canada, which has two draws per week. Tickets can be purchased both at retail locations, and online depending on one’s province of residence. Besides its regular cash prizes, draws for the game always come with a Guaranteed CA$1 million payout. The winner for this reward is also drawn at random.

Taking His Time

Mr. Morton is now the latest Canadian resident to join the club of lottery multimillionaires, after claiming his CA$10,000,000 cheque. The Hamiota local explained that the winning ticket was sitting on a shelf at his home for a few months as he usually waits for a few lottery tickets to stack up and then go and scan them at a local retailer.

He says that when he first heard of an unclaimed lottery ticket, he did not think that it could be actually him. However, after scanning the tickets this month, he discovered that he is the winner of the hefty prize. The winner also said that initially, he held it together but when he got home it really hit him that he had won CA$10,000,000.

Mr. Morton said that at the time he has not thought of many big ideas to spend his hefty payout, but a few smaller ones have occurred to him. His first ideas are to pay off his mortgage along with some other bills, but no big plans as of yet. He also shares that he would not quit his job, but plans to retire before turning 65 next year.

The winning ticket that brought Mr. Morton the hefty windfall was a Free Play Ticket, which he had won from the previous draw. The winner obtained his CA$10,000,000 cheque at the Hamiota Super Thrifty Drug Mart. His ticket split the August 14 CA$20,000,000 jackpot with another ticket holder who is located in Ontario.

More Manitobans Win Big

Mr. Morton’s winning has been the latest case of a Manitoban winning big from the lottery in the past few months. As also in December, Louis Montroy from Brandon has acquired his CA$5 million payout, also originating from a Lotto 6/49 round. The November 24 draw determined that 10, 11, 18, 20, 35, and 48, Mr. Montroy will be the winner of the jackpot.

Prior to that, Jerry Knott, from Wasagamack, has also won a prize from the lottery but this time from Lotto Max. Mr. Knott revealed that he purchased a ticket for the game and forgot it in his pocket. Then, while in Winnipeg for his daughter’s wedding, he discovered that he has won the staggering CA$20,000,000. The winner claimed his prize earlier this year on October 14.

Source: Rosen, Kayla “Manitoba man had $10M winning lotto ticket sitting at home for months”, CTV News Winnipeg, December 23, 2021