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Ontario Provides Update on Its iGaming Market

Ontario has provided some developments on its long-awaited iGaming market for private operators who want to legally operate in the province’s regulated gaming industry. According to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, the launch of the new iGaming regime will be slightly delayed, and it will arrive in the first quarter of next year.

The AGCO previously announced that it is now accepting applications from operators who want to become part of the new market. The assessment process is conducted by the commission’s subsidiary entity iGaming Ontario, which should award licenses at the beginning of 2022. The approved operators will also be able to offer the new single-event wagering on sports.

Slight Delay

iGaming Ontario will now begin its process of working out the terms of commercial agreements with applicants, and the process should be concluded quite soon. In the summer, the province issued a term sheet for the agreement, and drafts are now available to gaming operators who have previously registered via the iGaming Ontario’s portal and agreed to a non-disclosure contract.

Prospective gaming operators should also begin the process of completing the required registration with the gaming commission, which is a must for all online operators that want to offer regulated gambling in the province. The registrations are made via the AGCO website, and the commission has already its guidelines and information for operators to help them out while applying.

The AGCO and iGaming Ontario informed potential operators that in order to be considered and eligible for a license they will need to completely terminate all of their unregulated online gaming services. They also should cut their ties to other companies that operate in the grey market, as the commission’s intention is to transfer players from unregulated online casinos to legal ones.

The iGaming industry of Ontario is set to witness some quite exciting months with the beginning of 2022, as the contractual terms of iGaming Ontario should be finalized with the candidate operators. The new gaming regime is believed to be a huge step for the province as it would be able to provide a competitive market for all stakeholders and offer gamblers a wide range of opportunities.

Brand-New Entity

The AGCO officially launched its iGaming Ontario in the summer, and the subsidiary is now tasked with overseeing and managing all online gaming activity in the province. The entity is also in charge of the iGaming market’s applications and it has its own staff and board. Additionally, the project is supervised by Danish consultant Birgitte Sand who has plenty of experience in the industry.

Instant Impact

Shortly after its launch, iGaming Ontario was quick to make its mark on the online gaming industry of Ontario as it implemented some changes to the online rules for gambling. These, include the banning of the Auto-play feature in digital slots, as well as altering the speed for the spin of the wheel which is now a minimum of 2.5 seconds. Also, marketing in games or websites must not be misleading or suggest that gambling is a way of financial success.

Source: Bennett, Jones “Ontario’s iGaming Market Nears Launch: Update For Prospective Operators And Suppliers”, Mondaq, November 9, 2021